EVE: Naga vs Myrm on sisi

Featuring the New Battle-cruiser. The Naga. I offer some bc 1v1′s on the sisi server and a fellow from goon-swarm comes along. I destroy him in my triple-rep-myrm both times. the 1st fight is easy, the 2nd fight was a close one.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • MrWildcat76 says:

    it didn’t look like the ship sucked just that the pilot used the wrong tactics in the first battle and made a critical mistake in the second when he let the range drop and switched from hitting the myrmidon to shooting the drones. I would ask whether a shield tank or armor tank build is more effective but it seems highly dependent on the gear you have and the ship you are using.

  • EviLNygma says:

    Blaster fit. You can tell from the loot on the wreck.

  • LuckyMrGun says:

    what is the mymridon’s fit???

  • Naenphus says:

    :| OH LAWL

  • DheeradjS says:

    That Naga pilot is a fool…..

  • roshawn1111 says:

    wow naga pilot fail he was doing like no damage with those blasters wtf

  • Red0100 says:

    That’s not a good fight at all, he had no idea how to play properly.

  • XxobscurexX777 says:

    I reeeeally love the way the Naga looks!

  • ladyattis says:

    Was the naga a blaster or rail fit? I can’t tell from the turrets (I’m dumb). O_O

  • MrAwsome514 says:

    No you can’t cause the only way you could would be if you scanned me down and I am allways watching for scan probes with the directional scanner. I never warp to zero to any location unless I am docking when I land. The chance of you dropping out of warp within scram and web range of me is practically 0%.

  • fryede03 says:

    Can i land on you at zero scram you, web you, and deploy web drones on you?

  • MrMychannel123 says:

    A Myrmidon is just a sideways catalyst with Drones!

  • mattterpstra says:

    The Myrmidon had the Naga webbed with Berserker SW-900 web drones, that’s why the Naga was shooting the drones first – so he could pull range and win the fight at a distance. As soon as one of the three web drones popped the Naga ALMOST was able to escape the much slower armor rep Myrmidon.

  • xXSkididily0sXx says:

    lol that naga pilot had it coming to him, idiot, 1 wtf are you doin shootin the drones with those large guns? 2 I know blaster naga is atractive but come on t3 BC’s were designed to be glass cannons. what you should be doin with that thing is fielding 350′s or 425′s sitin 100km-220km and not let anything get close if they do warp out. just to let everyone know that the naga does not suck and this guy does not represent the true Caldari pilots just sayin.

  • DemonFirenetwork says:

    Naga lost :(

  • CragScrambler says:

    mouse 1+2 and drag

  • Anarchytwink says:

    Shouldn’t have bothered with them drones <,<

  • rietveen26 says:

    how do you zoom in like you do @ 3:45 ?

  • galey94 says:

    wtf is the fitting on that nag, and why on earth was he shooting the drones seriously? wtf

    i was about to say Myrmidon ftw but whats is the talos like i love the looks of it but i havn’t been on EVE for about a month or 2 so i don’t know if i can be bothered to go on i will if’s great at going into a gate camp and smashing 8 battleships into dust :’)

  • MrAwsome514 says:

    Why is the naga fighting from such close range? The talos is better suited for this fight. The naga is better at getting 700+ DPS with a 70km optimal and 30km falloff.

  • EVE4860 says:

    cuzzz hes has retardation

  • 173muppet says:

    Triple Rep Myrm too strong solo

  • ForTheSwarmTV says:

    Fail nag pilot is fail

  • roguedrones says:

    my main has overload , but the mirror didn’t pick it up. i forgot that before i started the fight, lol im a muppet

  • flevosap666 says:

    haha, exactly what i was thinking!

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