EvE mugen Roster 700+ Characters 300+ Stages

NOTE: There’s no download Link for this Mugen Game. New Mugen Video www.youtube.com Download some other fun mugen games: www.youtube.com READ DESCRIPTION!…this game is called mugen (winmugen) , i have the EvE screenpack and about 600+ characters and 374 stages. Most of the characters i google it or download it from www.mugenucoz.com and www.esnips.com. Comment and Thumbs up, Subscribe : if you need help with finding mugen characters,ill help u look for them , just pm me. The intro is E1 intro by Doorhenge , his youtube channel is call Doorhenge. www.youtube.com mugencharacters.ucoz.com www.esnips.com How to install Mugen screenpack + make it to squares: www.youtube.com GO TO THIS CHANNEL FOR THE BEST MUGEN GAMES DOWNLOADS!! www.youtube.com IF A CHARACTER DOES NOT SHOW UP OR WORK…..Make sure the character name is the same in the def, select, and folder file. Make sure the character doesnt have 2 folders, for example: A “KFM” folder inside another “KFM” folder..if they do, then delete the extra folder or combine it into 1. Go to this site for the must recent mugen engine ( Note, some characters may not work on here ) www.elecbyte.com I reccomend this mugen engine instead, Mugen high and low res www.esnips.com

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