Eve Mining Multiboxing – Mining Timelapse Part 2

Speed lapse of me mining a medium size belt. 3 covetors 3 hulks. Got Covetors on my 3 new miners today, wanted to test them out.

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  • Dudedafool says:

    If you ever plan to get RIFT, I would love to play with you, either follow you to a realm you choose, or, you come to my realm. Still new to the game myself, taking leveling slow so I can enjoy it all as I level.

    I can invite you for the free trial thing if you’re every interested.

  • d0z3rr says:

    Have to set goals. My goal is to clear asteroid belts in highsec very fast. Maybe venture into lowsec systems once I feel comfortable.

    The beginning is very much boring. At one point I was never playing and kept training skills, which kinda sucked. I am thinking about getting back into WoW or trying Rift out sometime. Until then I mine my heart out in Eve. New video once I get hulks :D

  • Dudedafool says:

    d0z, I’ve always wanted to ask you this question for a while.

    I’ve played Eve like 4 times each on a free trial and played a few days each.

    Why do you find the game fun? Don’t mean it negatively by any means.
    I played it, and it felt like I was watching a veryyyy slow paced movie. I would watch my ship shoot at the NPC ships for quests for like 10 slow shots before they would die.
    I played WoW but now play RIFT, how would someone like me start playing EVE and find it fun?

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