EVE Loki Level 4 Zazzmatazz

A video I took of my Loki in the final stages of Right Hand of Zazzmatazz.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

7 Responses to “EVE Loki Level 4 Zazzmatazz”

  • campusmash says:

    maybe 150 mill

    just fleet costs, lol
    not exactly the most worth it kinda thing.

  • Josefius says:

    Yes, it’s active shield tank, cap stable with all modules running.

  • milint33w says:

    cap power relay on active shield tank?

  • Animactus says:

    He means for PVE

  • SkiminStones says:

    @liberty211622 what do you mean hopeless?? when properly fitted one T3 Ship could take down like 7 cruisers!

  • Josefius says:

    I use a Vargur for missions, but I have fun with the Loki once in awhile in L4s, but then again I use a Passive Shield tanked Hurricane sometimes too. I will probably just use the Loki ratting in WH space, since it sits inactive most of the time in my hangar.

  • liberty211662 says:

    was thinking on training for loki then i realized they are useless ships, plus i have golem and tengu for pve why use a loki?

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