EVE Live Event – Hebisa invasion

Live Events are back, here is my report on the Hebisa invasion that occured a few hours after we spotted slave 32152

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  • P4nicFaceKing says:

    I haven’t yet been involved in any live events / incursions as I’m a fairly new player and my skills aren’t all that yet. 0:56 is the most awesomely terrifying swarm of Sansha battleships I have ever seen! Now whenever I mission run everything pales by comparison to that mass of Sansha gunpower orbiting that wormhole. Your vids really convey the drama of these events, many thanks!

  • Xideinis says:

    Yay! you got my vengeance exploding! :D

  • DreadSouls says:

    @delonewolf ah sweet, thanks :)

  • delonewolf says:

    @DreadSouls best way to get in the live events is to join the ‘live events’ channel. If there is one going on that channel will be on fire. people to keep an eye on imo ‘Sansha Kuvakei’ ‘Slave Heavenbound02′ and ‘Healdone Dorgiers’. keep in mind that they have the abbility to be in game without being seen as online or in local.

  • DreadSouls says:

    could you tell me who i need to add in-game like this slave heavenbound and others like the nyx pilot to contacts list ? id like to know when they come online too, hopefully i can get into the live events sometime :)

  • delonewolf says:

    @angelmarine1292 i had to check, but it’s not the same person.

  • angelmarine1292 says:

    @delonewolf Is that the guy from one of the EVE Chronicles who kills the Sansha rep? Like is daughter was abducted by them a few years earlier I believe.

  • delonewolf says:

    @angelmarine1292 slave heavenbound is one of the sansha true slaves that often leads invasions through wormholes. She is actually familiy of a capsuleer, Seryphin Inhonores. abducted during one of the first invasions.

  • angelmarine1292 says:

    Who is slave heaven?

  • RAVENWOOD117 says:

    damn, I missed it =(
    was doing incursion sites there a couple of hours before >_<

  • eveonline247 says:

    Nice narrating; you kept me very interested, right throughout!

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