eve gameplay pirate base attack 2

This is a mission I had to do on eve online it is basically blow up the base and all the ships protecting it.

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  • JoshLikesGuitars says:

    This game looks just purely awesome. I’m going to get it once I get a new computer.

  • reddy90311 says:

    hi there I am offering a 21 day invite to eve just messege me back if you want one please include email address what this is is a invite to eve you can try eve for 21 days normally it’s 14 and if you upgrade your account to a paid one I will give you 100 mill isk ingame enough for you to start your eve journey I will reply any messeges as soon as I can

  • PolaroidMemory says:

    I’ve just ordered this game as it’s pretty much the only “mmo” i’ve have not played. Is It pretty easy to get into? I have to admit i am somewhat impressed on how it looks, does it play as good as it looks?

  • prestb says:

    @johnmonk66 Damn. Well, you should try it again. You can join my corp, they will teach you much more than what you know… I think. Plus, you can earn some good money when you run missions with them. Or roams (Where we go into low sec and shoot about any ship we know we can take down). Took a Cyclone down last night o_o.

  • johnmonk66 says:

    @prestb Gave it up , but might try again, got pretty bored with it

  • prestb says:

    @Garysip 1 Year ago you stopped? Hm. Well, try and get another subscription. Get a 3 month plan, its a pretty good deal actually. Only if you play it most of the 3 months that is lol

  • prestb says:

    @johnmonk66 10 months later after ur comment and I want to know how you like the game so far :D

  • Puzzoozoo says:

    Did you do any looting after your victory?

  • bonjavie says:

    @Miguelsr1rst sins of a solar empire is far to long… in my oppinion… eve issent a game there will be a follower off… they make updates from time to time… f.eks eve online tyrannis… the resently deployd eve online incursion… so no… no 2nd eve

  • bonjavie says:

    @kolly2233 u kill both… depending on what u want to to in game… pvE (computer) pvp (player) mining, building, trading… whatever u want to do…

  • kolly2233 says:

    you killing NPC or real players?

  • Miguelsr1rst says:

    this looks better than sins of a solar empire! well is it really better? i never played either. are they coming out with a 2nd eve or working on one?

  • stormscion says:

    i played wow for 4 years and now i play eve for a bit over 1 year and i really like it …
    it is just deferent type of the game … it is not action based but more brain based.
    It is mainly PVP game as well. So instead of having everything based “gaming of skill” ( how fast and precise you can move mouse with your hands and press keys on keyboard ) like wow it focuses more on outsmarting your opponent good aproach and good preparation. It would be like comparing football to the chess.

  • Yohisama says:

    the problem is that they dont read the game guide during the download, so it wouldnt be fun without knowin what to read first

  • johnmonk66 says:

    @Garysip it is annoying when new, but i will try it for the free time I have it and see if it improves. wow was okay at first but then it turned out you were doing the same thing forever, i hope this game is different

  • Garysip says:

    you dont get damaged by the blast wave shame really cause would be funny

  • Garysip says:

    it is know loads of people in game that use to play wow and now play eve the only problem is it is a bit annoying as a newbie but stick to it and it becomes and very enjoyable game

  • johnmonk66 says:

    noticed your first 8 missiles never hit the base, you were too far away. downloading this 3 gig game now, gonna give it a shot, hope its better than wow

  • DarkPheonix875 says:

    think the game would run fine on a single core new desktop? or would dule core be a way better choice?

  • Morbius22003 says:

    Did you make it out of the blast wave? LoL! I noticed you were rather close when it started to go.

  • Morbius22003 says:

    Nice escape on the first vid. I thought you were toast when you entered into Structure.

  • RobNHope says:

    It should be playeable on a lappy, as long as it meets the minimum requirements. You may find some screen estate issues though but they can be worked around.
    2) It’s a monthly fee of around USD$15 plus a one off USD$5 starting fee. Hard to say if you will find the game fun or not though as it depends on your tastes. Best bet is to sign up for a free trial.

  • RobNHope says:

    You do not directly ctrl the ship as if with a joystick. Navigation and manuvering is done by telling the ship where you want to go or what you want to do and it will do it. Think of it as you being the CAPTAIN of the ship, not the pilot

  • Garysip says:

    I play it on my laptop so yes it all works well but I would suggest getting a external mouse it makes it easier and you have to pay about £15 monthly that is y I stopped it

  • SergeantReznov says:

    I have a few questions that the website did not answer:
    1: Would this be playable on a laptop, as far as controls go.
    2: Is this a one time fee, or monthly.
    and 3: Is this game fun? I am a big scifi fan.

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