Eve gameplay: pirate base attack 1

This is a mission I had to do on eve online it is basically blow up the base and all the ships protecting it.

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  • PSNJC0334 says:

    cant.. wait… to … play dust 514 :D and eve

  • kyler960 says:

    Dust 514 is connecting with this game and the computer player E.V.E players are controlling ships while the ps3 player are fight with guns in first person view but it look free for ps3(ONLY FOR PS3) and more fun the E.V.E :P

  • sniperdude213 says:

    @DrStrangefate LOL !!!!!!!!

  • DannyAnimate says:

    wow i was goint to play it…but eeh

  • itsmistersmoke says:

    The ffuture..

  • SuperPixelmonkey says:


  • EveOnline1000 says:

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  • atwoods3 says:

    Giving out 21 day trials. Message me with the email address you want it sent to.
    Also, if you decide to sub i’ll toss you a PLEX so you get your first month free.

  • DrStrangefate says:

    Better than watching grass grow…oh wait…nvm….watching grass grow is better than eve.

  • MajorBookworm100 says:

    @DrStrangefate Wait do you mean starcraft 2?? the game where you build a army and then send them in a straight line directly at the enemy base/army. Yep that seems fun. :(

  • 1506Eddy says:

    Eve is the daddy of all MMO games, The Da Vinci of game engineering, and lord of soul trappers, and my GFs worst enemy . =/.

    By all means try it, but be warned it will eat you alive =)

  • NathanOles says:

    if anybody is looking for people to hire for when the new Dust 514 game comes out i am available.

  • spo154 says:

    look the videos on the right side the second and the third its awesome!!!!!!!

  • Thoraxe555 says:

    this looks like a real time strategy.. what is this?

  • EnumasElish says:

    It’s an online strategic game isn’t it? It remembers me a bit in the X-series also

  • DirtyEnglish89 says:

    Hey guys, i’ve been playing eve online for a about 5 months now, its amazing… I can give you 21 days trial time over the usual 14, and I will also personally give you 100mil worth of isk if you choose to upgrade your account and thats ALOT of money to someone new !!

    Leave me a youtube inbox message and ill get back to you

  • FrankDHproductions says:

    @LaTiNdude100 There is the classic Eve FIS (Fly in Space) and the newer one where you can get out of your ship and walk.

    I’m getting DUST 514 for the ps3, where Eve players can hire us to fight and take over planets (FPS MMO)

  • LaTiNdude100 says:

    Can you walk in this game!!!??

  • Dechomai says:

    OK….I watched it……wanted to see how this game actually played and ….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Dechomai says:

    OK….I watched it……wanted to see how this game actually played and ….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

  • FallenAngel6841 says:

    Howdy if anyone is interested in playing a extended 21 day trial message my youtube or email me your email address and I can refer you. I’ll teach you the ropes, give you some starting cash and invite you to a great corporation to help you reach your goals in EVEonline! :) Email: kyler.padovani@gmail.com

  • SOULJAJOE010 says:

    @IncospicousJoe lol stick to astro empires, this game has to be terrible in how ‘fun’ it can be

  • 2yung4grey says:

    Respond to this video… seriously???..I get it these graphics are better that star wars old republic but damn!!… aint shit happening. Click and pont on a bunch of ships.. 

  • 2yung4grey says:

    @Treana748225319289 lies

  • IncospicousJoe says:

    OMG, I’m playing Astro Empires right now (very very primitive game), this looks sooo awesome, I think I’m gonna sign up ! So do you build an empire and upgrade your economy and technology and stuff ?

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