EVE Fanfest 2012: World of Darkness

Senior Producer – Chris McDonough, Creative Director – Reynir Harðarson and Chief Marketing Officer David Reid discuss the past and future of World of Darkness in an informal QA format.

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  • RavnoUK says:

    i smell twilight fan on you…

  • wanderingdrunk1 says:

    This looks like it could be something special one day. Eve certainly is something unique that seems to be heading even farther away from your typical mmo the longer it exists. These are good things, and the reason I started seriously playing EVE last year.

  • Stewie533 says:

    every bloody time i see ANYTHING about WoD. i want to go play a game like that. but there is only 1 real game that follows the lore, Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. and i finished that game so many times already =(

  • Kindlesmith70 says:

    starting? Then it should be Vampire. or properly titled WoD:Vampire as WOD isn’t just about vampires, werewolves and hunters. it encoumpases a huge amount of the unknown and keeps it that way since mortals never learn anything beside more questions. And if that is not how WoD is played then it isn’t the WoD mortal horror genre I know of.

  • Ulfhedjinn says:

    They said in the video that it’s only starting with vampires, and that they definitely plan to put more stuff in. MMOs have a shelf life of many years and often have many expansions.

  • Kindlesmith70 says:

    Regardless… WoD is not Vampire. its about mortals experiences touches of supernatural. That’s what peeves me off. I was expecting exactly that as the title of this dictated Mortals in a world of supernatural – not vampire. So yeah. Really bad title choice here.

  • fall0rn says:

    i dont really care what u do in your freetime noob.

  • Ulfhedjinn says:

    Must suck having to rely on your mother to pay for your games, I’ll be happily playing D3 and waiting to see what Titan is while waiting for WoD.

  • fall0rn says:

    you little fork man. while you wait for your little stupid/paranoic game ( release date 2020 ), im gonna be playing all the new blizzard games and i will have SO MUCH fun, i will laugh at you hehehehehehehheh

  • TheVynka says:


  • Ulfhedjinn says:

    “Frat boy”? Hanging around on a YouTube video about a game that’s “never going to get released”? Someone’s mad as fuck.

  • fall0rn says:

    its gonna be a shit game frat boy, never going to get released

  • KidBamf says:


  • alteredstate247 says:

    I hope the game has the Tremere clan

  • Ulfhedjinn says:

    Maybe it’s time you actually watched the video instead of just bitching in the comments about it, reading up on the hirings they’ve done for the WoD team lately might also be a good idea before you look more idiotic in your attempts to be arrogant.

  • fall0rn says:

    ahh i see, so you really “following the game’s progress”, because if you would really follow its status you would know that all developers that were used to make the game are now on hold and are forced to work on developing new eve content and dust514.. its not even sure if there will ever be a World of Darkness game. :)

  • Ulfhedjinn says:

    Did you even watch the video or did you come here to whine about them not mentioning WoW? They said the game is very much still in development, they even showed some footage of an urban location.

  • fall0rn says:

    what progress please? game is on hold

  • Ulfhedjinn says:

    Surely if I knew that I wouldn’t be following its progress. q;

  • fall0rn says:

    this game is gonna fail hard and you know it ;)

  • MuellerJulius says:

    did they say something about non clan disciplines?

  • alpha21188 says:

    I’m so glad they repeated the questions. Especially important considering half the video is Q&A.

  • Ulfhedjinn says:

    Did you even watch the presentation? They’re planning to expand it to include the other divisions of the franchise later. I have no doubt in my mind Hunter: The Reckoning and Werewolf: The Apocalypse would eventually be expansioned-in. It would be such a dumb move for them not to.

  • Ulfhedjinn says:

    Nobody gives a shit about your casual MMO.

  • TenchiShinMei77 says:

    They already said at The Grand Masquerade 2011 and other previous announcements that things like Diablerie, Humanity points and Torpor will be in the game. And the character sheet will be similar to the PnP game. But in the case of Torpor it will work in a different way and the Humanity points could be a great option to prevent griefers.

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