EVE Fanfest 2012: War Declarations

or…How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love to Pod. Overview of the changes and additions to the War Dec system.

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  • Steven Dalton says:

    The simplest way to make Wars more meaningful in EVE is to commit all participants, deserters and especially neutral remote reps to the conflict. ESPECIALLY the neutral remote reps who risk little, pay nothing to get involved and are not designated as combatants. They should be included and flagged for entire duration of the War. Neutral Logistics was one of big flaws about the War Dec system in EVE.

  • BlackMoridin says:

    i don’t think you get it, they put the actual dev on stage who is in charge of the thing he is talking about. The reason for this is, people want to see and hear more from the lead whatever for whatever new is coming out. If they put some spokes person or some one else there, there would be more people complaining that just u and the 22 people who thumbsuped this. I guess u can’t make everyone happy. but top complaining like a little bitch and just accept it, and be happy that they even do this.

  • gunzt3rkenfu92 says:


  • SnowyHost says:

    Was all these 50 minute videos requited to describe the features of a new expansion pack?

  • ten101337 says:

    good rule from other mmo’s, when you change something in game and you patch it, ADD all info in patch notes not just changed fac. warfare read more in dev blog…booom 20 pages n stuff

  • NumidiumsRG says:

    Drunk mittani can give a better speech, and it’d be more entertaining as well. There’s really nobody on his team that could’ve done this instead?

  • 90talisten says:

    Dude I increased my speech skills after couple of beers, aint that hard.

  • QRAPGaming says:

    Holy jumpin jesus. I love CCP and I love EVE Online but I wish this guy would rush through the damn presentation and stop talking. Well the talking is okay but why does he breathe after each and every godforsaken word?
    I skipped my way through the video to see the presentation He only reads the stuff on the screen anyway… However: This war declaration system is interesting. Especially the killmails. I wonder how easily you can make big nullsec corps surrender to high sec pvp noobs

  • tntimmy1996 says:

    man lol you can tell he doesnt like being infront of people thats why he became the game designer not a spokesperson lol

  • FearDivinity says:

    This guy is painful to listen to….

  • helhkr says:

    and if u could wardec npc corporations ? =D

  • helhkr says:

    CCP please, put a subtitle in your videos. It’s hard to understand some words even if u speak english.

  • D3mang3l says:

    I dislike these suggestions… 20 million as a wardec cost is a good idea. but 500K per defender character in the corp? That is a bit steep for most legitimate players. Think of corps like Red Vs Blue… They WANT to fight each other… But they may have to pay through the nose. And corps that have a war dec against them could theoretically triple the aggressors costs by asking all members to have all alts join. A corp with ten members, suddenly has thirty… adding 10 million to second week.

  • ENJager says:

    Lol, dude, you are such a 14-year old chode. UFC cage is that way–>–> pvp tuff guy…jebus cripes, you are hilarious! You must think you’re so badass blowing up pixels, am I right? :P

  • Lepp123 says:

    War decs what pussys afraid of low and null do to fight people who cant fight back

  • pollo2019 says:

    I do not think this will fix much… I don’t know much about wars but i don’t feel the ideas to be really good… It is definitely disadvantaging smaller corps and the Defender… And i would agree with one of the comment, A war should only end with one side surrounding to the other or a mutual agreement, However then the fact that the attacker cannot get assistance from helpers would be a big disadvantage. But I’m sure something can be figured out.

  • cookiesmightexist says:

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  • Crisis7 says:

    They need to fix Corp Hopping. Its a common exploit for war targets to join corp in space to gank someone without the target being able to retaliate due to Concord Mechanics. Its also an exploit to ejected from corp to get war targets concorded. I believe a timer needs to be put into place when joining or leaving corps during wartime. I would say a 24 hour wait in order to join or a leave a corp that is in war. Once 24 hours pass, the character is automatically put into or out of corp.

  • vaju79 says:

    47:50, thats why i love CCP, amayzing anwser, THUMBS UP for keeping EvE real, a true sandbox!!. Carebears ruin ever other mmo in the market, and now they are trying to “carebear” this, if you don’t like EvE GTFO.

  • vaju79 says:

    46:00, what a fucking moron, get out of EvE you piece of shit, go lick some carebear balls

  • vaju79 says:

    yes it is, and a fucking retard either. Someone must explain that fucking carebear that you enter the pvp sandbox when you login into EvE.

  • MrEvilMiki says:

    34:13 the guy is CAREBEAR !!!!

  • MrEvilMiki says:

    CAREBEARS WILL DIE HARD. Btw, Join No Mercy inc. and contact Ganza Whiteye to join Corp.

  • emulate DeM says:

    poor dude should not be on stage.

  • vaju79 says:

    you are wrong, —> Carebear Online that way —–>

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