EVE Fanfest 2012: Nvidia Tessellation Demo

This video demonstrates DirectX 11 Tessellation and PhysX fragmentation technologies from Nvidia using art assets from EVE Online. The technology preview was produced as a collaboration between CCP Games and Nvidia and was premiered during the EVE Online Fanfest 2012.

Part 2 of the Vocal Mix of Play Time IV Ships flown: Dominix Megathron Music: Tiesto – Walking On Clouds Oceanlab – Sirens Of The Sea (Kyau vs. Albert Vocal Mix) Direct Download Here: dl.eve-files.com has much better quality @ 1600×900 :)

34 Responses to “EVE Fanfest 2012: Nvidia Tessellation Demo”

  • lumberguy5 says:

    Nvidia gtx cards are the most common because without the massive graphics power the game would crash in just about every big fleet fight or when someone drops smartbombs in jita

  • MarshMellowChronic says:

    take that dinosaur to the museum!

  • DragonsREpic says:

    some hope for me yet

  • deadlyhydra says:

    that is just bad ass, tessellation makes games look awesome

  • DaniRockandFire says:

    I love that i have a kewl PC and i can turn it to 11. Now i just have to find a way to be able to wait till it comes out without knocking down CCPs door and running around screaming ”finish it!” in my underpants.

  • KaylinJH says:

    its run on that machine you just have to turn everything down and turn of the walk in station

  • SpiderAbu says:

    ah sweet, thanks :D

  • KitsuniRose says:

    The gtx680′s are already out. Though gl finding someone in stock with them. They were all sold out at Newegg in like 10 mins.

  • KitsuniRose says:

    Yes. Very.

  • TheVanGastel says:

    lol 7300 that card dont have the hardware tesselation so you will or have zero effect. However i dont know if ccp will support that kinda old cards. I think the will go to 5000hd ati serie and the 400 series for nvidea or higher support. But you can try to run it offcourse.

  • DragonsREpic says:

    Ram: 2GB
    HDD 160GB
    CPU: AMD 64 X2 Dual core proc. 4800+ at 2.5ghz x 2,
    graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS
    im fucked right? oh yea i forgot to mention this thing is 7 years old

  • Xzeara says:

    Hmm, finally… my GTX 470 is hungry for tessellation. Though I do wonder how this will impact CPU usage. I am sure though they will have PhysX CPU stuff (Total crap version to promote the GPU’s) for those using cards incapable of it. I hope those asteroids are dealing damage to the ship in that video though, would make for some sweet remote explosive ideas to come into play for ambushes.

  • Xzeara says:

    Try finding a GTX 470 perhaps then. Or wait for the GTX 6xx cards to hit market and the GTX 560 will drop in price. You have tons of options if you have $200+

  • OccisaVGames says:

    Put in the game NOW ! It’s may awesome with new ships graphics O:-) !

  • sapodoalem says:

    and im still on GeForce 5200 GS 256!

  • bobbiac says:


  • khaderach19 says:

    gtx 500? i need to upgrade my computer. i only have a gts 250….

  • TusDocumentales says:

    cheat happens…

  • Huantalahnmi says:

    Has anyone else noticed that when they turn tesselation off for the ship it displays a different, blurrier texture in order to make the results look better than they actually are? That’s cheating.

  • P3wP3wMatt says:

    Once this is implemented into Eve, I will then play it. (Yes I’m shallow.)

  • TheLionzHeart1 says:

    or search for “Infinity Tech Demo Video 2010″ on youtube

  • TheLionzHeart1 says:

    game is called Infinity – /watch?v=fO7XhaTGDYg&t=03m00s

  • angelicodin says:

    Sorry, when do we get this because I’m starting to foam at the mouth.

  • Empirehog says:

    Well when this gets implemented, anyone who jumps into a major cap fight for the first time with this setting on, wow the FPS drop could be HUGE!

    For mid-range, I suggest turning this off if you know you fight is going to escelate!

  • TheNikostratus says:

    It seems u forget your point alot, should do that before you even begin to shot.
    But nice vids, like the music

  • mrsoultwister says:

    didn’t think about that, thanks

  • bucs505 says:

    lol you’ve got me twice. ive got you twice. guess that makes us even.. or does it? :) great videos tho. some of the best ive seen yet. keep em coming!

    -Lord Malic

  • loltroll5 says:

    Excellent video dude, hope to see many more in the future, very entertaining. Just one question: The Manticore in Pt1 was in scram range for 2 times but you didnt engage, was it just too short to notice or was there a reason for you not to engage? Just wondering, no mocking intended. :)

  • DreadAle says:

    Maybe, and this is just my opinion, but maybe he shouldn’t try to kill megas with a bc solo. It’s not easy.

    Else good vid RP and this is Tau btw.

  • mrsoultwister says:

    Text is really too small to read, i did download the movie, didn’t help, Play Time III was readable. Why did you neut the, it would seem, passive Hurricane? BTW i really liked this movie, always thought you’re a good player, but i had mixed feelings after III, where you burned your guns a couple of times.

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    excellent, great fights audio was perfect

  • wiseguy002 says:

    will keep that in mind :) tips are welcome

  • SilentKillayou says:

    Fantastic video 5 stars, extra star for purple fmercury. I totally agree with your comment about the jamming drones. Comment text is very small, kind of hard to read. Still wish you turned off crosshairs ;P lol

    Keep them coming I really like your format/series.

  • wiseguy002 says:

    its all in good fun :) just make sure to bring dmg drones next time !

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