EVE Fanfest 2012: EVE PvP Finals

The finals of the Fanfest 2012 EVE Tournament!

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25 Responses to “EVE Fanfest 2012: EVE PvP Finals”

  • ThaMetalz says:

    well… I’ve never seen or played this game before and I have no idea what I just fuckin watched O_o

  • juxtathief says:

    Wow is CCP sucking air. Never seen amything so anti-climatic.

  • masas19 says:

    CCP banned HYDRA from ATX because they joined the same corp with Outbreak on the test server to practice together in a wormhole. CCP was mad because HYDRA and OB fucked up AT9 final, but they had no valid reason to ban HYDRA and OB because they had broken no rules. CCP ignored HYDRA’s emails that were sent 3 weeks before the sign ups, asking if they can train together with OB. Instead CCP only contaced RvB to make sure they can participate.

  • EVESporego says:

    Its hydra…. vs random fw players

  • rhadiem says:

    I miss the real tournaments not silly 3vs3

  • Michael Layug says:

    A round of applause for Wolfs Brigade; not HR… ?

  • jardork says:

    man down! call the reinforcements

  • dazstar says:

    never interviewed Hydra at the end, and did they ever even say pilot’s names?

  • WhiteBattleBull says:

    those commentators are complete fags, saying were the other team is on the battlefield, putting down the other fleet “YEA HYDRA ALL THE WAY AT THIS POINT” obviously disrespectful amateurs…. they are supposed to be neutral commentators who dont go for one or the other sides.

  • NikkoJT says:

    9:46 recursive camera…

  • masas19 says:

    Assault frigs were allowed. Reason no one used ecm drones, td’s or any other ewar was because it was not allowed. HYDRA’s semifinal match was against a team that brought Wolfs. 3xOracle team won against also.

  • Heating56 says:

    It was tech 1 frigates only, Ishkur is a tech 2 assault frigate

  • cookiesmightexist says:

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  • Sean Curry says:

    to be honest, i would’ve fitted a few Ishkurs that were full of ECM drones. that way they’d be screwed. Can’t warp away, can’t attack, and the Oracles wouldn’t be able to do anything really. Of course hindsight is 20/20

  • vileguile4 says:

    No video of the fights other than the finals? :S

  • bloodynuggets says:

    Skip to 6:48 for the start of the battles.

  • jmg24bad says:

    I dont understand anything that goes on with commands. but I may try and get into this game.

  • BGSoccerMagic says:

    You got raped because you kept jumping right in the middle, one by one and shooting at the Oracle that had taken the least amount of damage, instead of picking them one by one as a team starting with the one that had taken the most damage. It didn’t work the first time why did you keep doing it?

  • zarcnest says:

    My client isn’t responding… I think its a bug. its not a bug, it is a feature.

  • Wopolusa says:

    I understand Its hard to get there and You definitely knew your shit but I was screaming at you to grab assault frigates… It would just make sense.

  • Wopolusa says:

    “its not a bug its a feature” I lol’d

  • OperationDx1 says:

    wow the favoritism was completely uncool. Even though I am unfamiliar with these guys I don’t like how this was played out. And why is this hosted by the 2 most douche bag alliances in the game.

  • TheZimbiku says:

    That is easy to answer… we crushed everyone before we got to the finals. Then we got raped. Go to fanfest next year and actually watch it yourself, or join in and see if you can do better then 2nd place?

  • gdomjan83 says:

    You being a jackass. Check.

  • Yuri Lazchenko says:

    Would you like some cheese with your whine? :)

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