EVE Fanfest 2012: Crucible Roundup

Discussion with the EVE Senior Producer and Lead Game Designer on the changes to the EVE Online project, how we changed things for Crucible and beyond and what the experience taught us. www.eveonline.com

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  • PuppetSquad says:

    what’s your point?

  • cookiesmightexist says:

    Free EVE Online 21 days extended trial =), just message me your e-mail address and I will send you the invitation ASAP =)

  • Romnipotent says:

    Ship trails are about immersion, small things make the game more believable. Sparkly little things get us dazzled, ship spinning shows us the ship and makes the chat program worth the subscription.

  • mrjaffar says:

    In station ship spinning counter! Geeks!

  • emikochan13 says:

    They can just spread before aligning if they want to do that. You already warp in formation if aligned.

  • Paintchk218 says:

    Its not taking control of any of the pilots, its keeping the spread so when they land on grid it not a cluster fuck of bumping. Its just a add on or an option they can use in fleets. No is losing any control here.

  • Garvielok says:

    Well fair enough..

    It would still look nicer than todays controls allow ^^

  • emikochan13 says:

    It should be obvious that taking even more control away from players is a bad thing.

  • Paintchk218 says:

    What a powerful counter……

  • Berserker464 says:

    9:00 Ship spinning story :)

  • R4Akai says:

    make the god sake windows PIN ABLE…… again.

  • emikochan13 says:

    I agree with ccp on this one, more automation is bad, When we fly in formation (usually for spider tanking), we use keep at range on our squad commander, it works perfectly. You don’t need anything more than that.

    Fighting as a single unit does not require a formation in the modern world, it requires communication, information and skill. And in space, with no feasible way of “body blocking” it’s even less important.

    Target of the enemy fleet has to increase their angular, they’d break anyway

  • R4Akai says:

    GOD wait for the micro!
    i cant hear anything!!!!

  • R4Akai says:

    Those guys must be related, both Names are CCP Oo

  • karadan100 says:

    Sounds like a case for captain hindsight.

  • AyaShameimaruu says:

    You should have someone at the microphone level input button on the questioneers microphone.

    Seriously i cant hear them very well, but the speakers are crystalclear tho.

  • MyMMC says:

    10 years of eve?

    fuck you thx… now i feel fucking old again…

  • Garvielok says:

    I think there could be tactical advantages from that

  • Garvielok says:

    Well to be fair both ships and fighter pilots use formations to enhance their ability to fight as a single unit

    (I don’t think ships should get bonuses for being in formation but.. I would like it if you could have formations where the ships mirror say.. the squad commander in movement)

  • rfry says:

    sigh i can’t hear the questions

  • ocanator says:

    people have enough trouble aligning and warping or not knowing what an anchor is. formations would be a clusterfuck

  • emikochan13 says:

    It’s a terrible idea, this is space, not the 1800s

    You can’t block a shot with a ship, you can’t get them close enough together and maintain maneuverability. And what would it do? Formations became pointless after the invention of automatic weapons for a reason. Now it’s about positional advantage (in EVE this is transversal/angular and range)

  • emikochan13 says:


  • emikochan13 says:


  • isanub says:

    fleet formations would seriously make it more amesome!

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