EVE Fanfest 2012: CrimeWatch

You may not have heard of Crimewatch, but it’s probably heard of you. CCP Masterplan and CCP Greyscale explore the inner workings of the system that handles everything to do with aggression, timers, criminal flags and security status, expose some of its more bizarre behaviors, and explain the overhaul they’re planning. www.eveonline.com

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  • Dinokisser says:

    Yeah - it should be possible to get away from concord.. like running away from the police and then they might come and track you down as long as you stay in empire

  • Kratax says:

    Running away from Concord attack being an exploit sounds stupid, because it breaks immersion. That should be changed so that Concord somehow tracks you down with elite equipment or something. Though I have not faced the problem.

  • itsGettinTooHot says:

    i would rather have it where the logi’s aggression only lasted as long as the damage ships’ so once their aggression dropped the logi aggression dropped at the same time. Makes sense rly

  • SimmanGodz says:

    I think alot of people would be content with just camcorder quality video if you can get it! :D

  • itismehonest says:

    Market buy/sell orders could be restricted by sec status. A good, realistic disincentive for maintaining standings.


    ok so awesome you area going to give remote reps aggro times so they get locked out BUT say i have 2 guardians and they are remote repping the fleet on the gate and the opposition becomes to much an you have to jump your fleet out, all your combat ship can then stop shooting and jump out, but would this mean the guardians that have to keep repping to keep cap/ship alive would get perma timered and stuck on a gate??

  • mavrikgandalf says:

    Would there be some way we could pay to help fund better streaming/VOD coverage? I’d be willing to chip in to be able to watch the roundtables.

  • totalnizmetek says:

    2013 then, you got one year to prepare it ;) oh , I plan to come as well! Cheers, these recordings are awesome to listen to!

  • emikochan13 says:

    *cries* did anyone else in them record them ? (or was it private?)

  • BrooklynXT1 says:

    Safety’s off option. I love this ganking buff!

  • BleachKonman says:

    Well then bring equipment INTO Iceland! :D 

  • He1boy says:

    That’s weird, because for whatever reason I remember last year being better where mic running is concerned.

    I also remember that there were more of the side (non main stage) preso’s recorded and posted to YT last year as well…or did I dream that?

  • CCPGAMES says:

    Yeah the mic running bothered the EVE TV crew as well, it was better then last year but next year we’ll expand the EVE TV staff to include room management so we have a direct line to the room to stop it ever happening again.

    We recorded from the two main presentation halls this year which is quite a stretch, I’m not sure we can realistically get the round tables recorded as well, there may not be enough equipment in Iceland!

  • omn1dex says:

    41 pages of Criminal Aggression, you wonder how big EVE’s manual would be…

  • Skyfox94 says:

    CCP why u no recording round tables?

  • He1boy says:

    Ouch, really? I was soooooo looking forward to watching those. So FF2012 rocked, with the exception of 1) lack of proper mic running so that questioners could be heard on the stream and 2) no recording of preso’s NOT on the main stages. Can you fix both of those for next year please? Kthanks.

  • Feornic says:

    Itd be cool if you guys put up all these powerpoints somewhere. so people who dont want to watch the videos or just review stuff afterwards can do so. itd be awesome!

  • jrdv86 says:

    “Assisting someone with a weapons’ timer starts your weapons’ timer”

    RIP Orphanage. Best thing about this expansion thus far.

  • CCPGAMES says:

    Sorry we didn’t record those.

  • Paintchk218 says:

    This guy is hilarious XD

  • R4Akai says:

    man this is like the 14hr of videos? gimme a break :) )

  • exwowler3 says:


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