EVE Fanfest 2011: TQ’s New Toys

EVE Fanfest 2011: TQ’s New Toys. EVE’s Technical Director of Virtual Worlds and Sr. Virtual Worlds DBA will present data and designs for the latests hardware solutions put into place to beef up the database, support fleet fights and generally save the world.

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  • imageryguy says:

    @Qaoz Yes, agreed. Most universities offer that course called Public Speaking 101.

  • Qaoz says:

    Jesus, as much as I love this game and CCP for making it, they really need to send their employees on a crash course in “talking in front of a crowd” … 8 out of 10 of these panels or presentations feature CCP employees clearly not used to speaking to a crowd. In this one, the guy on the left looks like he wants to curl up into a ball and roll out of the room more than anything.

  • zulok1337 says:

    wow you’re special.

  • hvglaser says:

    i have a goal for next year for you guys: higher sound level on fanfest videos.

  • AdrialeEU says:


  • jakeurevig says:

    FUCK TAPE!!!

  • FalconMarch says:

    Have you even watched any of these FanFest videos? The programming is in place, to no longer need to report in advance, your large scale fleet fights. However it is not activated yet, it will be soon. Atm, yes, you need to “make a booking” to have the node reinforced. VERY soon, this won’t be neccessary, the system will automatically predict where reinforcing is needed, in accordance with pos’s TCU’s etc coming out of reinforced, etc. Lag HAS been reduced enormously.

  • baterije says:

    first dislike o/

  • commandotoy says:

    is that a nipple on the side of his cheek ?

  • Amaroqdricaldari says:

    How does it save the wourld?

  • DiamondChrome42 says:

    man please the lag will never get fixed as long as you don’t inform ccp of the upcoming battles, they post that on the login screen for a reason

  • CompactDisc7227 says:

    You seem to forget there are more and more people fighting battles, and thus the lag increases as well…
    it’s a permanent war against lag, when the hardware can handle 1500 people in a battle, people will bring 2000, when they can handle 2500, people bring 3000. So please, spread your firepower a bit :p

  • OOZ662 says:

    High Security Monkey detector blaring.

  • LaffenFXP says:

    if your a mission dude who mines all day then eve run fine, if your a nullsec player who fights 800vs800 or even more yes then lag is a problem, so keep mining dude or run mission and be happy about it

  • McBlemmen says:

    what lag ? why fix what isnt broken

  • LaffenFXP says:

    So much Tech stuff and no real fix for the lag
    Times up CCP! you had since 2003 to fix it

  • OOZ662 says:

    I’ve never heard of a recruitment program that gives people free play at all, but I’m sure it exists somewhere. EVE players tend to be pretty greedy, though. :)
    You thought on PLEX is correct. One player spends $35 and gets a code. This code gets put into the game client and grants the player two PLEX cards, each worth 30d of game time. These can be traded, contracted, put up on market, or even destroyed like any item. Google “PLEX Kestrel” for a laugh…or a cry, depending.

  • siege001 says:

    o/ pepsi FTW

  • pineconedemon says:

    Question, do people recruit others and pay for there first plex and the later they get a return on the investment plus a bit extra? Sounds like a viable strategy and it helps introduce new players to the game…

    That is assuming my understanding of plex is correct. And that if you make enough in game money you no longer need to pay cash for the game effectively…

  • NorgelLegron says:


  • Wikkiter says:

    QA is Quality Assurance, Q&A is Questions & Answers. Usually said “Q AND A”

  • sinrayne5 says:

    F&%$ tape!

  • pupip55 says:

    thx you

  • TimberWolfD1 says:

    QA = Question/Answer

  • anotherelvis says:

    Quality assurance

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