EVE Fanfest 2011: The Economy

EVE Fanfest 2011: The Economy. Comparing Markets and Data. New revelations from ongoing research on patterns.

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  • PlaneAU says:

    Do we need a Harvard degree in economics and business?

  • Janbees says:

    Show the fucking graphs , not his face D:

  • Anarki2k8 says:

    How the fuck is JennaMarbles related to EVE?

  • TheConnorian says:

    The mittani only got on because of the amount of trolls who voted for him in goonswarm. Now he is about to leave he wants the whole of EVE to burn. What motivates him is partially the slow decay of the sandbox and his childish mind.

  • williamkendrick says:

    eve cannot have an economy as long as there are huge corporations plot the path that will be taken.
    having mittani on the csm is hypocrisy. its like having hitler on the board of health for Israel.
    love ya ccp, but you can be SILLY sometimes.
    isk sinks are fine, IF YOU DO THEM ON THE TOP END.

  • imageryguy says:

    Please, do not get the wrong idea here. My comments are meant to facilitate an improvement or at the very least, a move in that direction. I happen to think this video is very well made and quite informative. Camera direction is mediocre at best, but at least some of the content was included or at a minimum was talked about by the talking head… ok, now for a joke: Max Headroom has returned from the 1980′s ( see Max Headroom, The Best Bits Ever! )…it is a talking head, no content! lol

  • imageryguy says:

    Additional request: video transcripts of all the Fanfest 2011 (or if this is not possible any future CCPGAMES-produced videos). This material can be read/produced/typed out from the source video, though this would be quite lengthy and filled with holes in the transcript. These holes would exist due to non-existant slide content and only referred to by the speaker sporadically. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, @KalishKovacs wants proper title/credits slides… and @ many users, better volume mixing.

  • imageryguy says:

    I can understand why the camera-focus remains on the speaker for a majority of the video duration… audience members need to see a speaker’s face.The inverse (no speaker shown) would be bad, so removing the speaker entirely probably won’t happen. A split of the video content into two videos will not likely happen either (vid1: content slides vid2: speaker’s face). Suggested fix including both: produce content slides with speaker’s-face-inset/picture-in-picture, adjusting content location. Yes?

  • Mrcabllegoo13 says:

    i wonder who will crash this economy….

  • RageCookieX says:

    What about the massive inflation EvE suffers? Nothing mentioned -.-
    As long as money is created out of nothing and without any proper ISK sinks the Inflation will be growing. The more stuff u put into the players hand to produce you take away ISK sinks which acutally ”destroy” ISK.

  • PCVirtuosity says:

    Whoever produced this is an idiot.

  • Secturis says:

    Instant gratification wins the day.

  • masterofthehiten says:

    ccp thomas looks like a young mark hammil.

  • DayBeforeU says:

    Is there someone talking? Can’t hear you!

  • Rabidness says:

    I can understand but am still surprised at the volume in the shown application of free skillpoints in general perception/willpower skills like spaceship command/gunnery/etc which can be easily planned for with proper attributes, where drones/leadership/navigation have more unique primary/secondary attribute pairs so they made more sense(as a ‘saver’, economically speaking) to invest the free skillpoints into.

  • wadams19 says:


    Can you link to the slides?

  • HaloLovingFanatic says:

    Gotta wait until 2012 for Dust 514…. Damn…

  • MelioraCogito says:

    agreed .. time to re-edit and repost the presentation showing the damn slides.

  • imageryguy says:

    Director of video needs to focus more on slide presenter is talking about and focus less on the presenter. We can hear him speaking and need to see the slide he is talking too to understand what he is referring to on the slide.

  • Ford042 says:

    As always, a quality talk from the good doctor. Very interesting & educating indeed, especially when it confirms most of the things I was already assuming :D

  • braeuni says:

    What book is this?

  • badmadhu says:

    CCP, fix the mic volume!!!

  • DarkSmokey says:

    this is one of the best talks of the fanfest. next year i’ll most likely be attending, and this presentation will be right next to the keynote and ccp presents.

    this man deserves a raise and an extra 10 internet points

  • DarkSmokey says:

    u mad bro? o.0

  • Scribblette1 says:

    His sense of humour is wonderful! :) I like the Q&A session.

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