EVE Fanfest 2011: New Nebulae

We show a sample of the upcoming nebulae coming soon to EVE space!

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Just reputation run with my Tengu.

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  • Buuub08 says:

    Its not in false color.
    The plural is nebulae not nebulaes.
    Pictures are typically taken in another spectrum -Gamma, X, UV and IR, which are “false color” for convenience purposes as those dont even have color to begin with.
    Color images of such objects are taken in spectral form from various elements making up the nebula, which is then put together to create an image (highly enhanced ofc). While the images are typically not 100% true to its actual appearance its as close as we can get.

  • deniZ007007007 says:


  • 777HAM777 says:

    May be in different colors but regardless, it takes your breath away.

  • cristian raidan says:

    Is true, the color changes depending on the composition of the nebula. the nebula see blue like the stars, But this work is AWSOME!!!!!! congratulation to the ArtTeam of CCP!!

  • presidentegallente says:

    All these nebulaes are beautiful but shown in false colors. Just saying for the guys who believe that universe looks like this. It doesn’t.

  • Hehawbanisher says:

    Unfortunately, they don’t look quite like this in-game…on the latest SiSi build (and it goes live tomorrow), the “depth” of the nebulae shown in this video is not there…they are mostly see-through and do not appear to be 3D in-game, it looks an awful lot like its just painted on, like the current ones on live, albeit higher resolution.

  • kingretard100 says:

    if any one wants to try it send me a message with your email and if you do get EVE i get 30 more days to my account

  • stefmor90 says:


  • dominiccss says:


  • eveonline247 says:

    A simply stunning video; you should be proud CCP!
    All the players are really excited for the upcoming ‘Crucible’ expansion!

    See my CRUCIBLE PLAYLIST, linked underneath this comment, for more Crucible features!

  • TEHbKOCMOCA says:

    Oh yeah! The Space in EVE became same as the real Universe! Dreams become true!

  • cowfordflorida1 says:

    this will be my favorite expansion because of these new nebula

  • ViperHessian says:

    Great work CCP.

  • FederalPhantoms says:

    They are working on this for the Winter 2011 expansion as well as a new raven model :3

  • NeuraleObutale says:

    This video sends chills down my spine every time.

  • TheEstebanSchmidt says:

    Thank you.

  • baledain says:

    I am just back in game for close to a month now. Had a one year break. CCP seems to be moving in the right direction again.

  • SamJamRic says:

    I just started playing again about 2 weeks ago :) can’t wait for these things!

  • baledain says:

    Just google hubble space telescope and go to the gallery.

  • baledain says:

    Infinity has been in development since 2006 and there is still no hope of that being released within years to come. It has also hardly any ship models or gameplay developed as of yet. It is true that one programmer started the infinity project however there are now I believe 12 people on the project.

  • baledain says:

    They have not been released yet. They plan to have it released in the winter expansion, so that’s about within 10 weeks from now.

  • KingKongYing says:

    WANT New Nebulae NOW!

  • Helge129 says:

    IIRC they said that’s not going to happen.

  • mattm12124 says:

    unless CCP creates new troop carrying ships that EVE players can use to bring DUST players into enemy ships for boarding?

  • Helge129 says:

    It will not. Space battles are reserved for EVE.

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