EVE Fanfest 2011: CCP Presents!

EVE Fanfest 2011: CCP Presents! Find out from Hilmar and his all-star guests about the future of EVE and CCP Soundtrack Credits: Quadruplos – Tölvunýtt

Eve Online’s introduction video. This is the first video the player sees when they start the game and login for the first time.

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  • wiltbloococo says:

    Why does everybody say that whenever people debate over which game is better? Having a ‘different mindset’ from EVE Online doesn’t justify Blizzard making a super-generic game, with no innovation, no love and inferior graphics, once in a blue moon non-free expansions that only add more generic content, purposeless ‘grindfest’ NPC-driven gameplay, a small and divided universe, the list goes on and on…CCP, a much smaller company, offers a product that is superior (from a developer’s perspective)

  • Miang Hawwa says:

    EVE Online. A game backed up by a community other games could dream of. While other games go F2P, EVE keeps growing year after year. It’s been over 9 years since EVE was born. And it’s only the beginning… or not. Because there is no end.

  • upthesharkies1 says:

    Hall of virgins

  • Cheesygambit says:

    Because WoW sucks?

  • jardork says:

    i wow i have a lot of chars, and good ones, but i prefer play the 2 games… when the wow is boring i play eve(i have always the eve open mining), in wow u have to be less carefull about gear and weapons

  • ArchAngel1508 says:

    My question is, why is everybody comparing two games that have two completely different mind sets in mind?

  • kingretard100 says:


  • thewhitegamerwolf says:

    Saying you flew for NC isn’t good, mate. NC’s in pieces, trying to keep itself alive. -1 for you. Also, shooting lasers takes more intelligence than swinging a sword. Even if it’s the illusion of intelligence, it’s still intelligence. We’re not cavemen. We have technology.

  • lolman5921 says:

    I flew for NC. I just couldn’t afford a damn ship half the time. Huge battles are epic, but when you look at the gameplay, rather than taking turns swinging swords until one person quits, it ‘s taking turns shooting lazorz until a blue light happens.

  • thewhitegamerwolf says:

    Which is why such a feeble mind cannot play EVE to its full. If you do all aspects of the game, industry, mining, combat, etc., then you’d be singing a different tune. Especially in nullsec space with sov. There’s no dull moments out there, even for miners. But at least in EVE you can actually fight for something that gives results for the present and the future, not like WoW’s battlegrounds where either A) There’s no real territory claims or B) It changes every thirty minutes.

  • lolman5921 says:

    I disagree, with my fire mage I have Living Bomb, Scorch debuff, 4 dots, slows and disorients, etc and those are not all ‘toggle and wait’ like EvE is, EvE’s pvp does require an equal amount of skill though, especially in the large fleet battles. I just find pressing buttons and stuff happening is a lot more immersive than toggling your guns and waiting. The farming is equal, the gameplay is not.

  • Dregoonsfly says:

    Looks more like a GLBT convention. Maybe they should swap a letter in FanFest and make it more descriptive of what it really is.

  • thewhitegamerwolf says:

    Farming in EVE is just like grinding mobs in WoW. Except in EVE there’s more to it. Armor or shield reps and hardeners to change out based on your target’s faction, ammo, and the ship itself. Sorry, but EVE will always be a deeper game and be more fun because of it. WoW is just a bunch of kids swinging swords at each other until one of them goes QQ and rage-quits.

  • lolman5921 says:

    I play WoW cause it’s fun, EvE, while being awesome when I get into a fleet fight in my brand new Mega, gets about as boring as watching paint dry while I farm after I lose said mega.

  • HellownElijah says:

    I wankt inflatable captain’s chairs =(

  • bc64100 says:

    eve loss 40 k subs in a few month that a dead give away

  • bc64100 says:

    eve for 12 yrs boy who wont or cant grow up u kiddie make me laugh

  • rucdoc says:

    I am Immortal. I control more power than most planets. I have more wealth than most solar systems. Life and Death are meaningless construct limiting others. I am a POD Pilot. New Eden is my play ground, and you are my toys.

  • Rawr5649 says:

    people pay for hobbies all the time. This is no different. If you can’t manage your own time or struggle to be able to afford it than that’s your problem, not the people who can. 

  • Rawr5649 says:

    WoW has panda’s now. It’s over

  • SlayerExopsGamers says:

    It’s gonna take a while for it to die, but It’s inevitable. It’ll be fun to watch….

  • thewhitegamerwolf says:

    It was my pleasure. WoW is a slowly dying game, trying to breathe itself back to life.

  • Infographiste says:

    Hell yeah I watched the 1:46:44 !

  • Infographiste says:

    You, sir, talked on the behalf of the EVE community. We thank you for cutting off the balls of this WoW fanatic

  • douche2012 says:

    so glad they finaly made a new intro movie :D 

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