EVE – Crucible Battlecruisers

The new Tier 3 battlecruisers being introduced in the upcoming expansion Crucible. Also in the expansion are reintroduced and revamped engine trails, new nebulae, new warp tunnel effects, updated skins for Caldari and Gallente ships and quite a bit more. Crucible is set to release on November 29, 2011. Music: ocremix.org

25 Responses to “EVE – Crucible Battlecruisers”

  • ClusterPhoqe says:

    Talos looks by far the best

  • AkamuSlayer says:

    Awwwww, lookit the Naga! It’s like a widdle baby Rokh!

  • 439sparky1 says:

    howmuch is the Caldari one?

  • CorvetteBG says:

    Bah, it pisses me off i don’t have enough money to buy my first BattleCruiser, when i get 25M i would probably just sell my Thorax to get the Brutix, i’m way too eager to get a BattleCruiser :D , i hope i’ll be able to get it sold, otherwise i might go get killed on purpose just to get money from my Platinum assurance, rofl.

  • ZoruaZorroark says:

    no biggy, found out what it can do and would rather use a megathron with same ship bonuses, better tank, and the ability to use drones. besides, who hasn’t done a retarded thing or two in eve and learned the hard way about that choice:)

  • madmaxy says:

    so you either flew around for an hour and pussied out, or you got some kills in which case you are a retard.

    win win

  • EveOnline1000 says:

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  • ZoruaZorroark says:

    tier 3 battle cruisers, the newest line in glass cannons, went pirating in a talos for an hour, parked it in my hanger, not going to bring it out again

  • Reynndrake says:

    oh duh it’s right there XD

  • Reynndrake says:

    What song is this?

  • graffvalen says:

    All these ships came out of the ship design contest they had a year ago. I’d like to see them do this more.

  • MrAwsome514 says:

    I love my talos. With fed navy antimatter, 2 mag stabs, and my nearly perfect gunnery skills (only 3 skills which effect large blasters are not at level 5) It is like wielding the fury of god himself. And that is before I overheat the guns…

  • Kamagel007 says:

    Talos oh my..

  • Reynndrake says:

    I can give you two reasons why the Naga is a hybrid boat: A: CCP likes the “Hybrid = pvp, Missiles = pve” formula, and B: Naga was tested as both a Missile boat and a Hybrid boat, the the hybrid builds were just better.

  • Reynndrake says:

    I rather like the Naga’s look, it fits into my group of Caldari ships I lovingly call my “UNSC Wanabees” lol. This, the Tengu, the Drake, and then the Bomber are the only ones in that list.

  • CtanLord says:

    not very much footage of the oracle in this video.

  • naniki12345 says:

    Nice vid m8!

  • moiriv415 says:

    The naga looks like a barge.

  • freddykrueger971 says:

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  • dennisvlahos says:

    At 0:26, it looks like a real picture of Earth with a photoshopped ship above it + star wars feel !

  • Flamewave357 says:

    When you upload a video to youtube you can moderate the comments on it or even disable comments entirely. I tend to follow comments pretty closely, even if I don’t respond to all of them. Every now and then a smacktard posts something smacky and I delete it out of courtesy for the rest of the commenters, but luckily that’s very infrequent.

    When people start Eve it helps to have others to guide them, it’s not easy to know what’s important or to ignore.

  • outlaw0987654321 says:

    holy crap i didn’t know youtube had mods that would flat out delete comments lol. i suppose you’re right, eve does have a retarded amount of info. i think what trips ppl up is they try to learn EVERYTHING one time and get their brains friedxD

  • Flamewave357 says:

    I deleted it. I couldn’t stand the negative tone of it, not when other people are trying to be helpful. Not everyone can wrap their head around the volume of information Eve throws at you when you’re new and to deride these people does nothing but pisses on them and that pisses me off.

    People who can’t play nice with others get their comments deleted. :) 

  • outlaw0987654321 says:

    wait a minute. they nerfed missles? as for the debate for what the caldari focus on i too would say the missles. but it’s understandable that they use hybids as well given their close past with the galente.

    while i flat out HATE hybids (or any weapon that uses cap for that matterxD), i do know that they can be fairly effective.

    PS. PS i also agree that Eve is very easy to understand. why some people have a hard time i don’t know. (me thinks your post regaurding that got deleted)

  • Flamewave357 says:

    Not only does the LP store have CN hybrid ammo, but also CN railguns. Try harder.

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