Eve Atmospheric Flight Demo

A demo showing off atmospheric flight in Eve. Not sure when/where I got this.

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  • Aldurnamiyanrandvora says:

    @crisu990 But the fact that they’re not aerodynamically superior still exists. Though with shields up, the fact can be dismissed.

  • MrPsykk says:

    @crisu990 they’re superluminal, not v=c

  • crisu990 says:

    Think before you say something. If your car had jet engines pointing to the ground it could fly too (with proper build)… Take aircraft Harrier as an example… Game future advanced spaceships that human kind wont invent for another hundreds of years, they travel with light speed in space.

  • MarkFronstin says:

    I am surprised they abandoned this…kind of a shame

  • prestb says:

    @steelorigin I agree completely.

  • steelorigin says:

    @prestb Thats ashame, this look pretty good, they need to do this already.

  • prestb says:

    @steelorigin Well it turns out it was fake. It was confirmed by some CCP guy, so that really brings down my mood towards this. Still a cool idea though.

  • steelorigin says:

    @prestb Same but seeing how its been 4 years since this demo was showed, I am doubtful.

  • prestb says:

    I sure hope they eventually put this into the game.

  • AmnzeroUK says:

    @arcadia1701e apparently you are unaware of how difficult stuff like this and walking in stations is to implement into a game such as EVE, if it was as easy as you think it is then CCP would have done this years ago.

  • OfolenWS says:

    5 years and this still wasn’t put in the game? Why is this still not implemented???

  • SquareEyes642 says:

    Ships in EVE don’t have enough power to leave Earth’s atmosphere, out of warp speed anyway.

  • ultrazeen380 says:

    @cartesiaLive i hate poeple who care to know he diferance between “there” “there” and “there”

  • DjCryonic says:

    @Sethbeastalan This vid is not fake this vid was run at fanfest a few years ago, in the full clip before the vid is played the ccp rep states that this clip was made for the ppl at fanfest and had not been shown before and would never be shown again, hence some guy shot this on his phone.

  • sevlarievlis says:

    Space ships don’t have the aerodynamics needed to atmospheric flight!!!

  • tgrx85 says:

    i would love to fly a moa in the atmosphere lol

  • arcadia1701e says:

    so many things they do never come out, like the early stage RTS – command and conquer style on the planets prototype. And after FOUR years in development by a team of around 100, we get a TINY room to walk in, WOOO.. SIGH!!

  • Skyfox94 says:

    oh sweet ship

  • Kemahudson says:

    @Kukafuchi This vid was uploaded in 2006. ;) Been around awhile. I had seen it soon after the initial upload but always figured it was just a proof of concept vid and not much else.

  • Sethbeastalan says:

    This vid is fake. Please edit your description.

  • sgreehder says:

    This is not atmospheric flight, just a mission (i.e. deadspace) with a backdrop.

  • TheJedimaster6788 says:

    Quite literally all in their head huh? Does that mean the clones are in the tanks all the time on dmt for their clone lives? heheh

  • 115dest says:

    i think it will be stupid if in atmosferic flight we will be using the standard ships we actually use in space

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