EVE: Animated Influence Map – July 2012

I have not created any of these maps, the creator is forums.eveonline.com The maps are powered by evemaps.dotlan.net I have simply got all the maps and put them into an animated sequence.

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Funny, how a game can bring out real life emotions. The theme of this episode? Guilt! Guilty because there are upgrades in real life I need to do. Guilt because I think that mod is cheating. Guilt because I need to upgrade my ship fittings in EVE. Gotta step up my game!!! Yeah, and I took on those skeletons! Now that I have the hang of villages (sort of), I am going to create a new world and do more exploring, since I won’t have to worry about living arrangements. :)

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  • synnistry says:

    I researched the recipe mod and I’m keeping it. Thank you for mentioning it. That mod is just what I needed. If I had a penny for every time I alt-tabbed out to look up something, I’d be rich…and I haven’t been back in the game that long! :)

  • synnistry says:

    The game is so different from when I last played it is like a new game. There is a dragon in Minecraft? I had no idea. I LOVE dragons (even though I tend to die to them in games lol). Awesome!

  • synnistry says:

    I don’t miss them at all! Give me mobs to fight. I noticed I play at night now because I don’t have to worry about creepers tipping up on me destroying my work. I’m enjoying the game more without them. Shame there isn’t a toggle to make them harder to kill without explosions.

  • synnistry says:

    I’m glad it’s in the game. I can’t wait to play around with it.

  • synnistry says:

    That’s how long it has been since I played. I was playing on a multiplayer server and the nether was not available to multiplayer. I’m missing a ton of stuff. It’s like a new game. Did you take part in the Vile Rat festivities today? I watched the live stream for awhile.

  • KulhaviGuy says:

    If you haven’t been to the Nether than you probibly haven’t been to the END yet either. Oh you ar ein for a suprise when you get to the good bits.

  • KulhaviGuy says:

    I’m sure this has been said about twelve times by now, but enchanting is a a legit feature.

  • AaronDaines says:

    Clear Skies was made in both EVE Online and Gary’s Mod.

  • Destaice says:

    I agree, it sucks when a creeper destroys your building and leaves with a pile of bricks.

  • gexwing says:

    also the enchanting is part of minecraft, not a mod. and you’ve never been to the nether? so you’re missing out on most of the “high-lvl” content :P you’ve probably also not been to the end dimension then, fighting the dragon. you’ve still got much to learn about minecraft :)

  • gexwing says:

    about disabling the inventory mod, just go into the inventory and use the options button in the lower left, you can change it to be in “recipe mode” or disable it completly.

  • 118SKILLER says:


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