Empire News – Mess At The Caldari Doors

So, I’ve actually never created a video from a game really, so now my first steps, sorry for poor quality and poor putting the video together, many people do far better. But this is a start. FDU engaged a Caldari fleet in Tama first, then roamed up to black rise, just to shortly after the random roam under the name of “Give me a good map of Black Rise. Hmm… Where to find a 60 man fleet…” (FDU FC) we managed to get to know where they are… Again… In 0.0 next to low sec. And we owned them again. Turned out it was the same fleet with the same fc… Just new ships… If you want to join the EVE ONLINE ( www.eveonline.com ) community and get a longer trial than 14 days – please send a very short email titled “EVE TRIAL REQUEST” to the following e-mail without the spaces and converting (at) into a @: drkarsun (at) gmail.com

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