Elsword – Eve (Code Exotic) Test

Day 2 of using Eve for the first time (sort of, I’m not counting the trial) Just reached Code Exotic.. got to level 20 ran straight to the training room and here is 4 minutes of a newbie learning to use a new character! Right! Giving Eve a go on JP Elsword so I have an idea of what to expect when she reaches NA in the coming months Thoughts so far: -Not too hard to combo with? I’m overpressing Z a bit and the keyboard I’m using kind of sucks, ignore that -Lack of a →→X or ZZZX(like Rena’s) that skids behind enemies.. her ZZZX flips enemies around, but it’s a tad slow – Code Nemesis’ →→ZX gets her behind enemies, but that’s kind of far away! -Need to use special actives to dodge some attacks since no →→ZX yet or backflip shot.. though I think Elsword/Raven have to do this too? I haven’t really used them yet End result is that I should always carry a 100mp skill around with me -Explosions -Long ranged skills to chew through most mobs, or a single enemy if you get a good shot -Explosions -Spears! -Going to need a lot of attack speed gear! -Also explosions -Pretty fun to use overall if you ask me …also due to technical issues with my computer’s registry, I had to run ElswordJP off of a Macbook Pro running Windows XP (also why there’s no sound, the sound drivers on it are a bit screwy) which leads to.. Do not play action games with a Macbook keyboard …unless you’re used to flat, wide, closely packed together arrow keys

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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