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2012 END OF THE WORLD TRAILER with the biggest Star and surprise ending. SEE IT AND BELIEVE IT! Release Date: Coming Soon – In the bible God’s number is seven and by biblical definition means perfection and completion. The bible is not only loaded with sevens but also many combinations and multiples of sevens, with hundreds of astonishing references throughout – all directly attributed to the Messianic line that Satan has strived to prevent from happening since Adam and Eve. From Jesus speaking seven things on the cross to a massive amount of sevens displayed in every book of the bible, the most significant sign and greatest example given is taking the fixed parameters of the speed of light at 186480 miles per second and dividing it (Genesis 1) by the circumference of the earth which is 24000 miles. The result of this equation is a mind-boggling 7.77, which is a tangible numerical display of perfection branded on the world at the first moment of its creation from God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost – the three sevens representing the mark of the trinity! Excluding Jesus Christ’s resurrection there has never been a more compelling display and positive proof of God’s existence in dispelling evolution that has ever existed, meant to be supportive in these end-times to enhance our belief and faith in God. A similar analogy is given when God requested Moses to take a census and count the members of the tribes in the desert. The identical number of 186480 was

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  • markandroena says:

    Do you know if the seller is actively selling the software and updating it.Haven’t been able to get there support to respond.

  • justinbishop3 says:

    Thumbs up if you’re gonna watch this with me in 2013

  • kayoikudozkiuue says:


  • UberAcefighter says:

    I think i broke his spirit, i declare myself the winner of this pointless argument

  • MissMan666 says:

    i raped jesus in the ass

  • UberAcefighter says:

    keep it up, power to atheism brit :P thanx for the back up man. anyway this video is obviously not right for the world as more people dislike than like :D

  • ThePoliticalBrit says:

    Im sorry but religion is just a scary story to get people to behave and listen to the leaders of the religion. To quote billy connolly : “youve had your time, youve fucked it! Its fucking over! take your reformation, vattican and mecca and fuck off !!”

  • UberAcefighter says:

    as you can’t answer that and believe in the truth of adam and eve and just gonna say you’re a moron so, yeah. bye bye

  • UberAcefighter says:

    so it’s a few thousand years old?

  • ShowMeThyWay says:

    Earth is young created with age – just as God formed Adam as an adult, and not born as a babe. Wrap your head around that, if it’s possible.

  • UberAcefighter says:

    one question before this banter continues, how old is earth?

  • ShowMeThyWay says:

    Keep talking – your ignorance about the Bible reveals the true inner you. Since you’re clueless, I’ll help your understand. The “seventh day” doesn’t mean that God was tired, for He cannot be such [Isaiah 40:28]; it simply means that He had finished the work. The Sabbath, or seventh day (Saturday), the last day of the week, is meant by God to be a TYPE of the Salvation Rest which one finds in Jesus Christ; that’s the reason why it was part of the Ten Commandments.

  • UberAcefighter says:

    to be fair the rapture might be a good thing, the lord all friggin mightey made a botch job of this world and destroying it may get him to be a better builder, i mean, who rests on the seventh day, the polish work force wud laugh in his face :P

  • ShowMeThyWay says:

    Sponsored NOT “sponsered”. It’s of the Lord, not man. Money isn’t going to buy your way into Heaven, dude. How’s that for answering the BIG question for you.

  • UberAcefighter says:

    i’ve just read the desciption and i’ve thought that wud make an interesting novel, but somebody already did and look how bad the world got because of it :P

  • UberAcefighter says:

    i don’t know, cud be a good laugh i supppose

  • UberAcefighter says:

    do u mean how i’ve spelt jesus cus i know, it was on purpose and as u can tell, i don’t care i’m 18 and at uni and u can show me thy way to the bar where i can get pissed and laugh at your reaction to my comments :) u still didn’t say that it wasn’t sponsered by coca-cola though. Your not very good at answereing the big questions

  • ShowMeThyWay says:

    Why don’t you learn how to spell, before you concern yourself with grownup things, short bus. :o )

  • UberAcefighter says:

    so it is sponsered by coca-cola, man god must be skint, or needs pocket money for jebus

  • ShowMeThyWay says:

    Yeah - it’s the real thing!

  • UberAcefighter says:

    the rapture sponsered by coc-cola :P 

  • masmasaimiiiisede says:

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  • Simon Bosmans says:

    Did you just describe yourself?

  • cp89237 says:

    Wow, this is retarded. sLapOkz was right. And if anybody is going to hell it’s you. The way you go around saying God is speaking in your head, to me, and atheist, it’s just seems a little loony. Honestly the way you people go around saying your way is right and everybody else is wrong. it’s like a child who lost his teddy bear and blames it on the first person you know. It’s disgusting, disgusting how you people kill in the name of “God”. How do you know he really exists, you don’t. So piss off.

  • kelly farwell says:

    any one got any LSD great movie be tripen on lol

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