Easy Click Commissions Review – Mark Hardy, Paul Liburd, Antonio Giuditta

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3 Responses to “Easy Click Commissions Review – Mark Hardy, Paul Liburd, Antonio Giuditta”

  • debtreliefgeezer says:

    See my channel for “Donald D. Dumbass Requests Blimus Sales Refund”, a parody, poorly done, but funny. (First time I used video camera.) Spent $647 with these guys & requested refund 4 weeks later. Got $297 back. I was out of town a few days. When I got back it turned out they had sent “problem resolution” emails & then said I had not responded within allowed time & considered problems resolved. Have to go through refund process again

  • aaronwseal says:

    Easy click commissions doesn’t post to article sites, actually fakes it

    Don’t buy it, I did and I checked the code, it doesn’t post at all, the article spinner is crap a well

  • sakahowdah says:


    The only people who make any money off these programs are those who sign up for the affiliate program and then upload a video here.

    Then they sit back and wait for the suckers to sign up.

    Refund..? Don’t hold your breath…

    Again…BUYER BEWARE..! RIGHT CONTRACT id# 2974004.?

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