Earth & Beyond Orion Server Sunset

Video by Cheezebaal. *MUTED AUDIO* For new video with audio see this link:

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  • Tajg918 says:

    This game was pretty awesome back in the day, btw this is Tajie / Tajiee / Tajx / Tajxx / Tajia / Tajiaa / Taju incase your wondering, I was the crazy one in the game

  • gtvapsamtik says:

    why o why they ever shutdown the server!!! Love this game was simple and fun

  • MoonlightEmbrace says:

    Damn right you are !
    Dune brought Real-Time action into Strategy
    C&C :
    1.Took the genre to a whole new level and laid the standard for most RTS games today.
    2.FMVs baby !
    3.Joe “Kane” Kucan – The most badass game actor (and character) in history!

    Red Alert : two words : Hell March !

    Renegade : C&C Mode and one of the strongest and most resilient modding community I’ve ever seen.

    Last but not least, E&B. What WS made, EA made sure to milk it and trash it.

  • willmill77642 says:

    Westwood is so awesome for making some of the best games ever.I wish EA wouldve never bought them out. :(

  • SLiDEnl says:


    Duuurrrr, meh.

  • wispers187 says:

    @SLiDEnl errr… ya

  • SLiDEnl says:


    Err… no.

  • wispers187 says:

    omg what a retarded game

  • pewpewmigoo says:

    omg I use to have and love this game

  • Docthewrench says:

    game is online and I am  playing it right now if you need help let me know

  • Lud0A says:

    Game is online, visit enb-emulator . com

  • RedneckJamie88 says:

    I wish I played this game. I think I even had the CD for it.
    But at the time I was playing motor city online.Tell it went away in 2003 or 2004.

  • SoggyToad says:

    No the crits were usually like that.. The basic for fighting was it out damage the mob and survive.. I like how deep the game was with everything. Y9ou could get what ever you wanted.. it just took time.. And not so much people than time.

  • enbfan says:

    Sorry, I had to MUTE the audio on this to keep it online. Click the Video Response or this link to watch the new version with different music:


  • KrazeyKami says:

    God i miss this game….

  • 7FluxProductions says:

    whta song?

  • Relativaty says:


  • Godbreaker says:

    Looks alright. Too bad I never got to try it. I’ll say one thing though….those crits were insane. Is that common or is there (was there) a way to do a crit build? Nice vid though )

  • flyingwalrus2k7 says:

    E&B on Andromeda… and hell I really miss it!

  • gtvapsamtik says:

    man I miss that game so much, was my first MMO

  • reka10 says:

    lol for your info you moron blizzard created Warcraft, WoW and all its franchise…
    and yes WoW sucks and people started thinking that blizzard invented MMORPGs

  • hunterXXL says:

    you must be a real specialist on WoW, i never knew EA made it XD

    ohh wait your just an idiot, they never did.

    Epic fail!!

  • Sealclubber4u says:

    Greatest game ever! EA destroyed it and created a crap game called World of Warcraft. Its played by homo’s.

    Nothing will EVER come close to this game. (Unless its remade) Which EA is just too stupid to do. Sad…. Just sad.

  • Aemyh says:

    Man I did ENB from beta 1 to 6 month before it got shutdown. R.I.P westwood, it was a beautiful game and community was really superbe.

  • kenoobe says:

    Orioneer here too :)
    my toons were vaporiser(pw), kenoobe (tt), oobe/oobejr(je), oobesan(jd)

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