E-UNI Planetary Interaction Single-Planet P3 Guide, part 2

Planetary Interaction: Single Planet P3 Production Chain Guide, part 2, an EVE University AVL production. EVE University Wiki: wiki.eveuniversity.org EVE University PiBear Tools: util.eveuniversity.org

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  • Special4ce293 says:

    Can you, if possible make a single P3 planet with todays eve? And please tell us the minimum skills for that too then pls =D

  • Mendrys says:

    Pretty good guide. Pay close attention to the end where the linking is cleaned up and made more efficient. Better to start this way that way you have a better idea of the power and cpu usage. A few numbers to keep in mind when deciding to setup your extractors:

    Each P1 facility will need 144,000 units of raw material to keep it producting for 1 day.

    So if you have 4 P2 facilities you will need to be extracting 576,000 units of ore a day to keep them in continous operation.

  • NozzyEz says:

    Good tutorial, I started PI last night (Been playing EVE for less than two weeks), and this guide really helped me understand more efficient design and production…

  • JasonHarry37 says:

    Dude, You should get a job doing this stuff. You are the perfect person to do these guides. Even better than the Official Eve Online tutorial.
    Guide is very clearly spoken and you’d have to be pretty stupid not to understand.
    Giving this guide a thumbs up.

  • S4rab says:

    Brilliant Tutorial really helps me alot, thanks mate

  • VyktorAbyss says:

    Nice one, can’t wait for DUST fincance he mercs to blow all your pretty numbers apart!

  • stellarfirefly says:

    Ah okay, in that case then he probably just didn’t watch the video all the way to the end. :) Unless I’m still not understanding correctly…

  • liquiddark says:


    I’m pretty sure TheMelrakal means you should put 1 link from 1 extractor in each group and the storage facility, linking all of the other extractors in the group to the one that’s linked to the storage facility. Using the shortest links possible between extractors and using a multipart route reduces the total grid used up on links. The “star” topology is unnecessarily wasteful, and you can make use of less-optimal planets by using shorter links.

  • stellarfirefly says:

    It is definitely more efficient, and will gain you more isk over the same amount of time, if you use separate planets and that is what I do. The reason to ever use a single planet for a P2 (or especially a P3) is to make PiBearing a more passive income for you. You will need far less interaction (reset Extractors, haul once every few weeks) but you won’t make as much money as using several planets and hauling between them every couple of days.

  • poki says:

    missed point about quantities. how many per day of those you make….i think that is better to make simple P2s…….4 planets to extract and one planet to manufacture…..

  • stellarfirefly says:

    Of course, shorter links will cost less CPU/PG. But we need to extract 4 resources from 2 separate locations. The alternative is to use multiple planets, and pull only 1 or 2 resources per planet. The advantage to that is better efficiency. But the advantage to this SINGLE-PLANET solution is less hassle. We never haul intermediate products; we only haul away the final P3 item.

  • TheMelrakal says:

    Your way of linking and placing extractors and facilities costs too much grid… try to route more through one link and place the buildings nearer to each other … you can build more this way…

    shorter ways -> more buildings

  • McDub76 says:

    Fantastic tutorial. Cleared up a lot of questions I had from reading the PI page on E-Uni Wiki.

  • stellarfirefly says:

    It can drop, but it might not, and it does not always drop by a set amount. But yes, resources both deplete and replenish. They will deplete faster if you have lots of extractors in one small area and/or extracting very often. And other players have also seen resource hotspots slightly migrate, though I haven’t tried to collect evidence of this yet myself.

  • Duffman2506 says:

    Quick Question, I have been noticing that after each cycle completes, the cycle amount drops by 1. Does this value reset? and if it does, do the locations of hotspots change on the planet? Thanks again, Awesome Video!

  • stellarfirefly says:

    You can generate quite an income with this example, especially considering it is all on a single planet. Of course, you can generate even more P3/income if you use *multiple* planets, and if you do so intelligently. I’ve covered some such plans within my E-UNI classes and our Forums.

  • Hawkster1005 says:

    the problem with this video is that itll take you 10 years to generate any P3 materials using this example

  • stellarfirefly says:

    (As I replied to andysim232 earlier:) You can link Extractors to one another, but you cannot create a Route from one to another. When you create a Route, make sure it goes all the way to either a Storage (or ComCen or Launch Pad) or directly into a Processor. It can then hop multiple links (up to 6, I think) to reach its destination.

  • ARIS1979 says:

    hey people i tried to link extractors together as sown on the video but it does let me says somethin like :you cant link extractors together
    also upgrated them just in case it may work but nothing….

  • stellarfirefly says:

    If I recall correctly, this video was made using an Improved ComCen, which requires only ComCen Upgrades 3. You may be able to process a single-planet P3 with a lesser ComCen, but it may be tough because you’ll probably have to work with minimal extractors (and very short links) due to the limited PowerGrid.

  • NavyfieldFanKoreta says:

    Nice guide.

    I am mostly new to PI, and this helped a bit.

    What type of CC are you using?

  • davelantor says:

    @stellarfirefly well, yeh, its all comes down to style after optimization, for example i prefer to use storage facilities as i extract faster than i process , so that sometimes even if i dont have the time to set the extractors, i will have the buffered material on the storage facilities to cover my potential loss of time. and i will use launchpad only for the end product storage, CC for P1 storage and storage facilities for raw material storage.

  • stellarfirefly says:

    That will not work if you extract faster than your processor can handle, unless you add more storage. While a Storage Facility only requires 700 PG, it is certainly not a universal “always use it” solution, and in fact it was not a good option for this particular setup. The link upgrades used far less than 700 PG total.

  • davelantor says:

    @stellarfirefly still, you can optimize more :P
    for example the optimization i had in mind includes NO link upgrades, because you should not push the load of all extractors into one link, without refining and making them smaller, so, for example , if you place your basic industry fec. near the extractors and refine it before sending it to main pipeline, it would take less logistics .. and you wouldnt need to upgrade it. Perhaps you should watch my video also :)

  • stellarfirefly says:

    Perhaps you should watch my video to the end. :)

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