DUST 514: Seeding The Universe

For the thousands of planets in New Eden, hear how we will populate each planet with its own terrain, outposts, surface infrastructure, and game modes. www.eveonline.com

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  • Aaron Morgan says:

    I initially was going to thrash you, but now I’m just curious. How is Call of duty innovative? No hate, just curiosity. Explain.

  • NeonSaber112 says:

    Obvious troll is obvious

  • Durtalique says:

    Yeah, right. No cross-platform compatibility is cool. How can it be innovative, in any technological way? Please, kid. Keep calm and stay in your dev controlled environment.

  • Samnomix Monty says:

    @ndgrwut Thats what I thought! Loved this sooo much! Just finished watching => bit.ly/Pa6t8j?=xwldnz

  • chaosfire321 says:

    Perhaps they mean universe not astronomically but rather as a game. It’s like saying the Star Wars universe or the EVE universe or the Marvel Universe. It’s the place where the game happens, the “in-game universe”.

  • Gilhelmi says:

    Only if you do not know how too. I know individuals who have. It took him months to inflatrate and gain trust. But on D-day, that individual caused hell.

    Any idiot can blow stuff up in minecraft. But only a patient skilled warrior can do this in EVE.

  • X7ELI7X says:

    Eve runs on a specific server. Sony let Dust 515 run on Eve servers. Microsoft refused to give CCP (the people in charge of eve) the ability to run their games on xbox on ccp servers.

  • X7ELI7X says:

    Still, wish Eve had more… people. Higher population in Open World Sandbox gamers is always good. Also, it should be more… immersive. In Minecraft multiplayer, one player can destroy the work of dozens of people and dozens of hours within several hours or less. The “effect” a player should be able to have if they so choose to – should be significant based on innate ability or skill. Eve makes it difficult to massively effect and change the world if you so will it and dedicate to the goal..

  • Vinicam16 says:

    02:29 Well i just lost a T2 Drake like that, 15 mins ago ¬¬

  • stormagedon666 says:

    sorry to burst your bubble but call of duty is a cut and paste title
    if you have playedone you have played them all

  • regardlessrampage says:

    a storyline isn’t a form of innovation, new development methods, or new core game play mechanics are innovations. the big innovation here is the connection between a console mmofps and a pc space strategy mmo being merged in a sense so both occupy the same space and interact in real time which has never been done before, making this one of the biggest gaming innovations in a very long time.

  • spooker89 says:

    Stupid, I thought as much.

  • DaScrewUp says:

    black ops 2 comes out real soon. lol nobody will even know this game.

  • spooker89 says:

    Not sure if you’re ignorant, or just stupid.

  • dwsmith21 says:

    Actually, CCP turned Microsoft down. The reason for this is because Microsoft wouldn’t allow constant updating to the Traquility server that runs EVE and soon to be DUST. Sony saw this and said “Okay this looks good and since you have a good record with little to no hacking on your server we are going to allow you to have DUST on our system.”

  • Toxinomist says:

    They are scarring me…. impro all the way………

  • huttylion says:

    You do realize Microsoft turned this game down for the Xbox360 right?

  • r1ch4rd1337 says:

    Campaign is probably the one thing COD does well

  • Al. Lopez says:

    u forgot different campaign

  • Nickdacooldude says:

    who cares, ur reply feeds him the power to troll more

  • WarriorServent009 says:

    umm… ever heard of HALO F#&KING 4?!?!?!??, also I may get a ps3 just to play this game.

  • Necrontyrian says:

    This i revulutionary in the gaming world today.
    Really interesting.

  • Enemyfastmover says:

    not in the slightest, your beleifs about the market and expansions and even the dust itself goes against the what dust wants, high cost updates (This game will have lots of updates), being free (Micro$oft), Expansions (Micro$soft), even they refuess to crossplatforms on xbox (EVE and dust are connected) so your saying what is actualy worse is better also this is why playstation has much more big exclusives also have you even seen a playstation because of your lack of knowledge about it

  • ruardjoubert says:


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