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EVE Online Windows and Mac players duel in space, while Dust 514 Xbox and PlayStation players slug it out on the ground, and the latter informs the former in Icelandic developer CCP’s surprise GDC Europe announcement breaking this morning across the pond. You read right: Dust 514 (EVE buffs, explain the name please?) is a “first-person-shooter-massively-multiplayer-online-real-time-strategy-MMO” (one sec, catching my breath) designed for consoles, and it’s linked with EVE Online, CCP’s sophisticated science fiction space-trading game. Linked, according to CCP, in that Dust “becomes an input” for the computer-based MMO and “dictates” aspects of its content. Imagine snapping the locks off planetary abstraction in EVE and you’ve got the gist of Dust 514. Now you’ll be able to visit the planets in the EVE Online universe and see what the fuss is all about up close and personal. According to CCP, you assume the role of a marine doing, well, what marines do best in conflict zones. The backstory involves something to do with cloned soldiers, and we’ll see more teasers in an upcoming EVE book. You knew there were books about EVE, right?

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  • minecraftingsam bobororock says:

    its not for XBOX cus they suck!!!!

  • Junior619RKO says:


  • Junior619RKO says:

    Its coming to PS3!!!!!!!

  • oybeutu says:

    NO PC is FAIL

  • o0Steward0o says:

    so is dust a: MMORPGFPSRTS?

  • maraux1972 says:

    Regarding the “why not pc?” -topic…I am too one of those who would love having the option platying DUST as a choice since not having a PS. There is the answer to everyones question, why allow present customers a alternative, since not many will sit and pay 2 monthly fees, its one or the other. Market is the console-gamers, which yet hasnt paid any $ to CCP, they are attempting to attract new type of gamers, customers, not keep the ones they already have

  • monstanator says:

    Are you interested in starting EVE online? Then send a mail to me with your e-mail address and I’ll send you your free 21 day trial! Get them while they last!

  • Timster480 says:

    @HawK047 2 reasons, first reason is that if pc gamers could play this,it would make it unplayable for console gamers (unless you totally ingored what he said,it is connected with the mmo) and the second reason is that SOMEONE has to do the rts side of it,SURELY you aren’t suggesting we let console fags give commands

    think about it,the people on the ground are clonable grunts that mean nothing to anyone,it only makes sense that it be for console,the pc master race will be commanding the bitches

  • 12togo34 says:

    because the PC internet has more restrictions with online stuff, like eve, and would NEVER alow 2 games to be linked together,on the other hand consoles have less restrictions and will alow that,and i herd this from a comment

  • MvSly14 says:

    Well no the made it on consoles to try and connect players but now it’s only coming on ps3 because of restrictions xbox has

  • Dhomess says:

    Also, its a PS3 exclusive now.

  • HermitGeek says:

    I can see it now, the marines standing onboard ship looking out the window at the huge battle for orbit going on praying that the ship they are on doesnt become the primary target.

  • CaptainCarthex says:

    I think the reason it’s only on consoles is because if it were on PC, they might lose EVE “subscribers” (lol plex) also, if it were on PC and Consoles, PC players would be able to own the heck out of Console players because of unlimited turning speed with mouse- unless they somehow forced gamepad use which would be stupid.

  • Uaxis says:

    This sounds like a game where you can ‘change the world’… but whatever you do, you don’t really have all that much change on the world, because some other big dog will inevitably get ahead of you. So, seeing as that’s the whole thing that lures people into the game anyway…

    Yeah. It’s CCP’s thing in other words.

  • Uaxis says:

    Yeah simple IN YOUR DAMN OPINION. Y’see, it’s simple enough for a company like CCP to blow off public relations – in fact that’s probably what they think anyway. The CEO probably thinks ‘hey im so cool that I can do PR in my sleep cuz I got the charismatic skills’ when in fact he doesn’t. He’s a nerd and a CEO and he friggin drones on and on, making it seem like a college lecture. But it’s also simple to hire one man to do the job right.

  • Robbi159 says:

    Considering the accent is pretty simple I think you are stupid for not understanding it. Also its an Icelandic company, why hire some foreign guy to speak for them when 99% of the people can understand him? Now I have 2 reasons to call you stupid.

  • Uaxis says:

    I can tell that you don’t have a very good social instinct, judging from your quickness to calling me stupid for not understanding an accent.

    I’m just saying it makes sense for an entertainment business like CCP to get a PR guy who can speak in clear enough english that people don’t have to strain to hear him. It makes sense if he were a college professor, but this is a friggen game he’s talking about. Sheesh.

  • Robbi159 says:

    Thats hard to say since you dont know anything about me, nor do I know anything about you other than that you cant understand a simple accent which makes me think you are stupid.

  • Uaxis says:

    And yet I have a better social instinct than someone like you, I’m guessing.

  • Uaxis says:

    Story of every gamer’s life, it seems.

  • Robbi159 says:

    No problem :) 

  • Uaxis says:

    Oh okay, well thanks.

  • Robbi159 says:

    If you cant understand him you´re probably too stupid for EVE or Dust anyways.

  • Uaxis says:

    What’s funny is the dev PR guy has an accent that’s hard to understand. So while his analytical approach could be potentially fascinating – I can’t really understand him. So yeah, LEAVING NOW.

  • ellarzyy says:

    I really really hope this is going to be aviable for PC, I liked EVE online but it wasnt really much action so i quited. I still like the idea mixing consol ps3 and xbox360 with PC on some way, but what i have founded i dont really understand why they need eachothers. anyway i still hope it become aviable for PC cuz i aint going to buy a PS3 just for playing thist.

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