Alliances of the Providence Fight Club attempt to take KBP7-G. Razor Alliance RZR is spotted en-route to KBP7-G with the assumed objective of preventing the Provi Fight Club from taking KBP. Agony tasks itself with intercepting and defeating the 50 man RZR armor hac gang which up to this point has been undefeated. Agony had 14 Battleships at its disposal and a cunning plan. DURKA DURKA!! Guest appearances by Daisho Syndicate, Soliditas XX, and other members of the Providence Fight club as they pursue the RZR fleet. Music: Ocarina of Rhyme: Busta Rhymes – Dont Touch Me Ace Combat Zero – Zero Tune Up – Ravors Fantasy Portal – Still Alive (Raddox Remix) mkv download\ on eve-files: (thanks Chribba) www.eveonline.com

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “DURKA RZR”

  • hybridgorilla says:

    I hope someone salvaged that field >.<

  • XmadsamoX says:

    I officially love you for using ace combat zero’s soundtrack

  • palidan99 says:

    BRILLIANT!! That was sexy!

  • RageCookieX says:

    Really well done and nice tactic but well it really needs to be setup quite right, Timing is quite important. If they would have gone for a warp in spot they would have whiped u r ass but really well done at all guys ;)

  • Spacialvekter says:


    - Love, E-UNI.

  • TheMorgenshtern says:

    eve online – piece of shit

  • CalicoatMaker says:

    minus 3 stars for the terrible shit eurofag music
    minus 2 stars for the 4:3 screen
    plus 2 stars for being aboe to pvp on a 4:3 screen
    minus 3 stars for continuing the terrible shit eurofag music
    Plus a whole lot of stars for a simple tactic that just works & has little defense againt.

    So, it’s a wash. I think you’ve ended up with 4 stars anyways.

  • AmurTiger says:

    The situation the Pervs were in made it easier and required less planning to implement as their foes -had- to warp to 0km, the Razor fleet didn’t so Agony had to fashion a way to make that happen, far harder with all the scouts and such.

  • TheReaverOfDarkness says:

    Some people just don’t seem to know where the off button is

  • hugitout23 says:

    VERY NICE VIDEO, i like it alot fucking sexy

  • oblivionstyzx says:

    Excellent use of smart bombs and what a great counter to a tough fleet formation. I have personally never been in a situation where smart bombs were usefully employed but that is just epic win when you know what your opponents will fit and behave.

    Goes to show the value of switching it up every once in a while.

    Did you all fit the same damage type and resists?

  • bloodl3tt3r says:

    Ey Agony: I fuckin love the Ocarina of Rhyme, you should’ve kept it. Whores

  • xXAnifinityXx says:

    post battle killmail

  • elecktr0freak says:

    Durka Durka!

  • AnalphaBestie says:

    gj agony

  • rainfinale says:

    Not so except for the song. In Agony, this tactic originated from Beef Hardslab who solo smartbombed in 0.0 a lot. We started doing it in groups before the space perverts (low sec) video. I’m not claiming we were the first to do group smartbombing, just that we also innovated the tactic for ourselves. I could claim we’re the first documented to do this to an armor hac fleet though. =P

    The song I heard from pervs vid and it became my fav trance song. It was the most fitting song I had

  • Andreus says:

    Agony, I’m real happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but this tactic, along with pretty much the entire video, was lifted from Space Perverts and Forum Warriors, straight down to the use of Tune Up – Raver’s Fantasy during the disco.

  • boxajr says:

    this was worth 10 min of my life =))) awsome 

  • ex1le444 says:

    Good Job guys, impressive !

  • fuckingchickenrape says:

    Haha nice

  • EpicWobbey says:

    That’s the second disco video set to “Raver’s Fantasy” I’ve seen.

  • masterofS200 says:

    my god ive never seen anything like this… ROFL! bloody good work ay hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i pissed myself laughing rofl honestly good job :P

  • Daemonfae9 says:

    winsauce o/

  • soapy05 says:

    also: i keep clicking the damn video trying to move the camera around.. aahh

  • soapy05 says:

    Great video. You know the looting is good when you dump tech II mods to make room for the juicy faction loot

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