Delve 2012

Sorry about the weird frame jitters, apparently it’s a bad idea to turn Drone Models on when you have over 100 capitals on field wololol

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Delve 2012”

  • Rindagain says:

    zanzi? …. all hail the panda’s!!!!

  • TDBHclan says:

    cfc suck.  Rise the Panda

  • R4Akai says:

    This video is just another tech demo <.< lame

  • Andreas Kristoffersen says:

    Not to mention, they were unafilliated with either side.

  • gueug95 says:

    Not anymore.

  • gamorangor says:

    uhh, TEST is in cfc.

  • durdasim says:


  • callofshark says:

    are cfc blue with test?

  • GruberPC says:

    reddit cancer

  • Deathjaw41 says:

    whats this song called? this question has probably been asked and answered hundreds of times, but i’d like to know.

  • Lugia3210 says:

    This really rustled my jimmies.

  • CommanderSyler says:

    just  a WoW with spaceships :)

  • SaucyWiggles says:

    Yo dawg,

    heard we shot down a fuckton of t3′s in 49- the other day and totally kept the system

    unless the 1064 deaths on the EvE Kill-Map is wrong..

  • SaucyWiggles says:

    lol wut

  • kvaroyaldo says:

    biggest letdown of the summer

  • thatguykalem says:

    Why can’t you people understand that most corps in TEST do not care whether or not they win?

  • n3wt02 says:

    yo dog, heard the test defence of 49- got called off, give up defending your space faster than nulli/ra lost it? shame..

  • CardSharkOfficial says:

    It’s funny to see you arguing about something i didn’t talk about. I don’t care what happened to Nulli and what happened in Delve. It was so predictible there is pretty much no point discussiong about it. You missed my point, i only complain about the boasting that has been made about going to -A- space and push them out of 0.0, which would have been the best thing that would have ever happened to nullsec for the past two or three years, yet CFC went back North as soon as Delve was secured.

  • SubStance889 says:

    killboards and actually won the first few fights, then CFC joined in because they saw soco being the last real threat to CFC, once nulli said “fuck it, we just wanted some fun, not this.” they left and the rest of soco were left standing there with their thumbs up their asses going “wtf do we do now.”, CFC went back home and now here we are. Now that you have the story of what went down you can stfu and stop acting like you know shit just because you saw a forum post or you are biased to one.

  • SubStance889 says:

    I never once said the mission was accomplished, this all started with me saying that the fight is over so they are going back home. Thats it, not once is it even suggested that they did what they said they would do. Also you are correct about taking delve and how it’s not threatening to -A-, because they only went there to help nulli and it turned into soco. When this all started it was the fights were actually good ones, test came down and ruined it with the blobs so -A- joined in to pad (next)

  • CardSharkOfficial says:

    I’m not complaining that CFC didn’t do what they said they would. It was so predictible it is not even a surprise. I’m just disappointed that those fuckin -A- parasites didn’t yet got the kicking in the balls they deserve. Whatever you may think doesn’t change that fact, taking Delve is nowhere near threatening to -A-. Still it is funny to see you arguing that the mission was accomplished and all. You’re welcome to keep going, that is entertaining as well.

  • SubStance889 says:

    saying one thing and then attempting to do is totally different… kid. I could say i’m going to learn how to have super powers and attempt to do it, you think i’m going to succeed? Things change, “Too bad you lack the slightest critical mind” to know how things work. :) try to insult again, you’re logic is to fun and i get a good laugh out of this.

  • CardSharkOfficial says:

    “Up to date with all nullsec information”?! oh wow, good for you kid, that sure is impressive. Too bad you lack the slightest critical mind and can’t note the difference between what Mittani boasted they would do, and what is actually happening.

  • SubStance889 says:

    I like how you assume i’m in any of the CFC, which i’m not. I’m just up to date with all nullsec information, which you clearly are not.

  • CardSharkOfficial says:

    Haha, yeah, great, who gives a fuck, weren’t you supposed to shatter -A- to pieces? Impressive job of yours as always…

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