Dell Alienware Area-51 Gaming PC With Intel’s 6-Core Processor – Review

Full review at: – We take the new Dell Alienware Area-51 gaming PC, based on Intel’s new Core i7-980 X Extreme six-core processor, for a ride and show you what it’s made of. It’s Badass incarnate for gamng and performance computing enthusiasts.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Dell Alienware Area-51 Gaming PC With Intel’s 6-Core Processor – Review”

  • MrWheaty66 says:

    Go to my channel i need help making my own pc i dont know if i should go water cooling or just stay fan cooling and the mother board im a bit lost on this is my first build im going with the i7 2600k 16gb ram 1000w power 7970 1tb hdd and blue ray driver, could use some help thank you

  • TheHollowedWillow says:

    if alienware just sold there cases with the FX, they could make loads more cash :B

  • TranslucentBMX234 says:

    If I ever got this computer I would put more RAM in for starts, 6g isn’t enough!

  • maxswann1234 says:

    but will it blend?

  • thereveiwguy1 says:

    the only thing is that alienwere costs as much as the views on this video

  • Th3KillaGorilla says:

    Omg that is mint hate looking at stuff I’ll never have cant help myself lol

  • MerkaDurk says:

    How much would this be to buy in Australia?

  • fusionfalljc says:

    If people are going to grief on these computers then why look at the video. Who cares if you buy a alienware if you have the money then buy it. I don’t see any problems with alienware yet.

  • Churlishh says:

    @goarmy979 Everyone hates them because they’re shit.

  • Willdabeastt10 says:

    @goarmy979 actually I can afford to buy an alienware with my computer budget at around $2000 dollars it’s just that there are many other computers that can be built by yourself or get custom configurators from many websites so I will disagree with your statement since I am able to buy and aurora but I have decided not to because I have seen they specs and they are decent but not worth the money even on the 1,500 dollar version nevermind the 2,350 dollar one

  • goarmy979 says:

    everyone hates on alienware becouse they wish they could afford onejust admit guys

  • TRIX88X says:

    Just build your own guys.. Cheaper and last longer.. Doesnt get outdated in a week

  • DJcatamount says:

    alienware is not that nice compared to some…

  • G3CK0117 says:

    Can it run a dual or triple monitor?

  • 9ggubZprod says:

    @funnystone64 Waste of money, the hardware is old.

  • spartan119ify says:

    dear santa, get your fat ass up and GIMME THIS COMPUTER!!!

  • lolboy356 says:

    @funnystone64 You cant buy it anymore. but you can try the alienware Auora or the x51
    or laptops of alienware like the m17 x

  • NINJApenguinCHIMP says:

    @xXsecretxXBW Umm, no. Building a PC is incredibly easy, just slotting things in to place and plugging in wires. Please, go watch newegg’s PC building tutorial (yes, all of it) and then tell me it’s hard.

  • xXsecretxXBW says:

    @111111111sssssss What do you mean?

  • 111111111sssssss says:

    @xXsecretxXBW Are you retarded?

  • xXsecretxXBW says:

    @Bleach506 Build a pc? are you crazy? do you know how much math is involved and all that shit?

  • kiwipk121 says:

    Dear santa…?

  • Bleach506 says:

    alienware is a waste of $ id just build my PC that’s equvilent to that at cheaper price

  • psvitachannel1 says:

    where the F@ck did they get the name from black ops Moon

  • Buttfuckbysquirl says:

    @underground2035 should never have bought it anyway , do some research before u buy ur shon shit u stupid idiot… could have built ur son a far better system for 1500 – 2000 dollars!

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