DC Universe Online Video Review

IGN gives its video review on the new comic MMORPG DC Universe Online for PC and PlayStation 3. Is DCUO truly super or just another average joe? IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: www.ign.com Want this week’s top videos? Sign up go.ign.com

25 Responses to “DC Universe Online Video Review”

  • XxgokuxX7 says:


  • benjy619 says:

    @ZPMan10197 yeah thats most likely the meaning of review but part of as part of ign you cant use your own opinions for a review they need to be professional, there really was nothing professional in this review, this game aparently is great and doesn’t deserve a 7 , im starting to think ign is in on shit giving games like mw2 a 9.5 (practically a 10) and slacking off on other games, proper reviews would be nice.

  • Cjabrams961 says:

    i saw on the dc universe website what you get if you just get the free version in october
    Game updates-free,
    DLC packs-purchase optional,
    character slots-2,
    inventory slots-28
    auction slots-none(but purchasable),
    bank slots-12,
    trading-none (thats retarded),
    in-game currency-1500max(thats B.S),
    Chat-6 messages every 30 seconds( does this mean we can’t voice chat while in a group),
    send mail-text only,
    vault tickets- one per week,
    Leagues- can join(wtf we can’t form our own!!!)

  • SlipknotFanize says:

    @alikid123 I’m not sure yet if it’s going to be in Steam because it’s a Sony licensed game.

  • alikid123 says:

    @SlipknotFanize is it going to be free to play on steam please reply back thank you

  • SlipknotFanize says:

    @alikid123 It will be when it comes free to play.

  • SkaterBoy1531 says:

    @kingmonkeypear A review is fucking opinion

  • ZPMan10197 says:

    @Xagneto Yeah i know right so fucking stupid theyre prob gonna give mw3 an 8 at least

  • ImpossibleFFS says:

    This is my objective review of a cheese burger from McDonald’s. It’s a burger, with cheese in a bun. On the burger it’s mustard and ketchup. When I’m done, my stomach is slightly more filled and the breakdown is 300 calories gained, 12g fat, 33g carbohydrates and 15g protein. My score value computizator extra deluxe returns 91/100 total, 72/100 story, 81/100 taste, 100/100 addictiveness.

  • alikid123 says:

    is this game any good on pc

  • Xagneto says:

    @ZPMan10197 ign just gives cod good scores. the rest of the games are just “ok”

  • Lotsoffun111 says:

    @kingmonkeypear Actually that’s not true, A Review is someones opinion… its how YOU LIKED THE GAME… there isnt any facts when reviewing a game… its always someones opinion… I would love for you too send me a link of someone reviewing a video game on “facts” this isnt a news story where you report the wHO WHAT WHERE And WHEN its a review on how someone liked that game… i cant believe your the top comment cause you comment is SOOOOOO DUMB! and actually makes no sense hahahhaha

  • Arbeedark says:

    “It’s more Robin than Batman”….. That’s a dumb statement in itself. Robin becomes Nightwing who is a beast! He might as well have said “It’s more toast than bread that has been cooked”….

  • cash1o1 says:

    I can not wait to get my ps3 next week this will be the first game I buy. I miss the old days when I would stay up all night playing a game and I think this is the game that is going to take me back to those days!!

  • Assassin4073 says:

    @kingmonkeypear no opinions every1 has opinions 4 example xplay gave portal 2 a 5/5 and i hated it

  • Assassin4073 says:

    @kingmonkeypear no opinions every1 has opinions 4 example xplay gave portal 2 a 5/5 and i hated it

  • theNEWMASKSdudexxx says:

    @TheHephaestus16 Still waiting on a reply, kid

  • TheHephaestus16 says:


  • MasterLife695 says:

    An evolver! No! NOOO!

  • 15thCrypt says:

    @bighonkies dont argue with the logic of dumbasses, it just isnt worth it

  • Adiorocks949 says:

    Where in my post did I threaten you? Just payed for your diaper? WTF are you talking about? I guess it’s obvious you’re a 15 year old kid that got told how the world works and you’re upset about it.

  • theisoganders says:

    @Adiorocks949 look, FUCK you man…! -.-’ i just payed for your DIAPER…! >.<‘ and you’re threating me like HORSESHIT aldready XO

  • Adiorocks949 says:

    Yes they are. You think that the score they give is a fact then right? You’re an idiot dude, yes a review should contain facts, but if it didn’t have opinions it would just be an article of the game. Some people are going to like the mechanics in a game, some aren’t, so you review a game on how you like it. There’s no definite answer or score for these kind of things. You’re the ignorant one.

  • theisoganders says:

    @Adiorocks949 no they’re NOT you idiot..! -.-’ how IGNORANT can people be…>.<‘?!?!?

  • Whpisi says:

    It’s going free to play, if I like it, GOING PREMIUM

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