DC Universe Online: Pay To Play! (Big Mistake)

DC Universe Online has announced a monthly subscription plan for it’s upcoming game. This is on top of micro transactions and expansion packs in the future. The days of monthly subscriptions are over and it’s time to move forward, instead of letting these companies bait you into putting a price on your time spent playing. 7/21/2010 **UPDATE** DCUO WILL HAVE MICRO’S VIA BUILT-IN CASH STATION STORE (For those who waited to see how they would do it) www.massively.com 7/29/2010 **UPDATE** Developers say there will be NO Day and Night cycles and NO weather changes. Areas will stay constant. www.massively.com 8/7/2010 **UPDATE** Level Cap is at 30 There are 3 travel powers Players can have 2 character slots per account www.facebook.com **Discussion FAQ** The usual defense favoring Pay 2 Play (P2P) MMO’s and what’s been covered so far, so those who are new to the video can kep up. 1) Fees pay for servers. False, servers are paid via shareholders/stock. This is why other games that aren’t P2P still are up today. As long as the server is busy it will stay open. Now if a small company doesn’t have shareholders or not enough of them, then yes, they have to pay for that server. But SOE doesn’t have that problem. Now if a game loses interest and nobody is playing online, that server will be shut down and moved to another game or upcoming title. Ex: Eye of Judgment and Mercs 2. 2) Fees pay for Devs, so they can make more content. False, staff are contracted BEFORE a game is made. Deals

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