Darwin Evolution Adam & Eve -English 5 of 12- Hany Mina Mikhail -12 titles:see more info

Darwin Evolution Adam & Eve: داروين و التطور و آدم و حواء- هانى مينا ميخائيل This series of 12 English and 15 Arabic video clips, 10 minutes each on the youtube.com and www.copticorthodox-divinejustice.com discusses how to understand Darwins Evolutionary theory and the story of Adam, Eve and Original Sin, where there is no contradiction except for Creationists (Bible literalists) and Atheists who deny God in the name of science!!! The latter is a non-scientific stance that lacks the basic definition of science, ie talking only about matter, space and time which could be studied in a lab, but not metaphysics, which is the realm of Faith. Video Titles: Darwin Evolution Adam & Eve: داروين و التطور و آدم و حواء- هانى مينا ميخائيل 1- Introduction: The big Questions: Why & How? No contradiction between God and Science Darwin did not speak against God The conflict is between Creationists and Atheists TREE OF LIFE A meaningful ascending graph = intelligence = God; OR, that matter can think and develop its own Natural Law !!! 2- Big Bang, Red Shift, Expansion of the Universe, Point of Singularity (Stephen Hawking) = The Universe started from NOTHINGNESS, 15 billion years ago Criticism to Richard Dawkins, atheist. 3- Atheists say Evolution is the New God. Creationists say: take all the Bible as literally exact or reject it all (all or none). Carbon 14 dating. Genesis 1-11 is not science or history in our modern scientific sense. The main teaching: God created everything, out of

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