Darkspace: Gameplay and history

***Game is now 100% FREE! *** This is NOT my video. I did not make it although I participated in it. I’m just hosting it here for all to see. This is a very fun game as you will see by the ingame footage. Check out the game at www.darkspace.net I also won’t allow derogatory comments. No name calling or anything like that. Keep it clean and respectful no matter your opinion and I’ll probably approve your comment.

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Sorry i havent been able to get videos up guys. I’ll likely be getting more up as time goes. This was a little skit I did online with some guys on Star Wars Empire at War. Got it during the discount weekand. Also got SC II so i hope to get some of those videos up as well. Oh well for now ill be playing EVE and starcraft so videos will be comming soon.

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  • mrsparkle001 says:

    @theheadhunter502 It’s old, it’s stagnant, it’s competing with more and more F2P games every year, and it’s servers cannot handle the kind of gameplay the game requires.

    I’m currently enjoying Star Trek Online myself. Darkspace is always there but I find myself wanting to play it less and less after the changes to planet defense and capturing. I find this version boring.

  • theheadhunter502 says:

    If this game gets a good kick in the ass, as in a good re-make and is published properly will be a very popular MMO no doubt.Sadly, the player base is kind of small..

  • Zirc0nium69 says:

    play shattered worlds creeping darkness (freelancer mod) instead. you can get freelancer drm free at pirate bay or buy it for 4 S and its much more fun and looks better than this. also we need more players :) start by registering at the shattered worlds forum. google it! see you in space

  • mrsparkle001 says:

    @danleeca I do hear you on that. The staff are unprofessional and one in particular is particularly bad at it. But that’s what you get with volunteers. I do wish Faustus demanded more professionalism from them but we don’t pay anything for the game so we can’t expect much either.

    Something is seriously broken right now anyway. I’m getting query errors with the website and invalid username when trying to log in. Somebody messed something up pretty bad, or their hardware is finally failing.

  • danleeca says:

    This game is full of stuck up power mad staff. The staff will mock anyone who needs assistance. Their first and only line of defence is to BAN anyone, their is no form of discussion or form of communication available. This game is dated it shows. There has been no improvements to change the style of game play or introduce a viable option when the servers are empty, which occurs for about 20 hours of any given day. It will be a distant memory for anyone who plays the game.

  • ntnsvc says:

    nostalgia. I feel like making better version of darkspace. Now that I can.. Hmmm. Either way hello to admbito (you suicidal fuck), banshee (pro) and flipper (inspiration). Good times. And also starfleet, hope you are still around asshole :) Lets not forget the dawg, best wing man I ever had. And of course RIP R33.

  • Shodex4 says:

    @cmaylone3 Technically, I’m trolling a 22 minute old post now.

  • Shodex4 says:

    @cmaylone3 Somebody with an IQ over 20 would have realised I only read your comment recently.

  • Shodex4 says:

    Looks sweet, I’m a veteran space sim player and this looks like it will tickle my multiplayer fancies.

  • Shodex4 says:

    @cmaylone3 You have fun with that then, this game requires intelligence. So we don’t want idiots like you clouding up the game’s community.

  • ZeCompinsator says:

    @mrsparkle001 EVE isnt a space mmorpg in ANY way, its a MMOE (E stands for economy, since basically all combat oriented ships are there to what? Cause MONETARY damages.)

  • KIrbyTheFlrst says:

    Wait, game is free now? no more $15 a month? word? oh damn, i feel like playing this again, before you needed to pay to get faster xp, and past i believe it was LT.Col which free accounts only gave destroyer class ships at best.

  • draken4200 says:

    @qwedgr its under downloadds it will be on top left my name is *unstoppable* in the game so if u need anything just ask :) and cmaylone3 its not a bad game in my opinion it is better then eve and this was what 3 years ago? and its 2010 so i say at least give it a try and it is not a resource demanding game fairly old computers can play it(to a certain extent)

  • draken4200 says:

    @qwedgr its under downloadds it will be on top left my name is *unstoppable* in the game so if u need anything just ask :)

  • qwedgr says:

    looks a bit good, but when i get to the website theres no thing for download????

  • AIRaceMAT says:

    This game is a Lot Like NAVYField except it’s in space. But the gameplay looks exactly like it!

  • Lordofdragonz says:

    WHen i play Darkspace, it always reminds me of Firefly, which is one reason i love it :)

  • mohrdaan says:

    irgendwie bekomme ich bei der registrierung keinen aktivierungskey zugesendet :( hat wer eine ahnung voran es liegen könnte ? email ist hundert pro richtig angegeben

  • narutofan769 says:

    ugto ftw!!!!!!!!!!

  • mrsparkle001 says:

    @Drafell I know it’s in the description

  • Drafell says:

    @mrsparkle001 DS is now totally free, FYI.

  • Drafell says:

    @mrsparkle001 DS is now completely free… Just FYI

  • legobros11 says:

    why does this video say “ EVE”

  • legobros11 says:

    @6headshot9 this game is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emplehod says:

    This game is on the older side; It was released on December 20, 2001. The graphics aren’t the best but are quite decent. Gaming is awesome, more fun than other MMO’s & it doesn’t appear that you’re grinding because it is fun. You can play 3 factions & switch around at will unless you join a fleet, then you play that one. The game will play well even on older systems.

    Join us at our fleet HQ “The Borg” at

    b o r g . a t h . c x


  • AllThingsGaming142 says:

    does it have Multi-player capabilities?

  • xXMcEpsilonXx says:

    @Samjack58 Forces of corruption.

  • gigitygigitypwned143 says:

    what does the exspansion do? whats in it?

  • 12342832 says:

    @Samjack58 lol. nvm i just got the game today!! :) the GOLD PACK comes with the ORIGINAL star wars empire at war and THE EXPANSION star wars empire at war aka The Forces of Corruption!!! I GOT THEM BOTH FOR FREE!!! :)

  • Samjack58 says:


    gold pack includes the expansion. Im not sure what the expansion is tho

  • 12342832 says:

    one question> is Star wars empire at war gold pack is it the xpansion pack??? or there both different??

  • Davidwilson1212 says:

    I wish I could get this :(

    I have a Mac so forces of corruption doesn’t work. I have the original tho

  • rylandorr says:

    terrible game

  • commanderbly009 says:

    press CTRL + A to select all units you control. :D
    just a tip

  • james65508 says:

    @Samjack58 like now :D

  • Samjack58 says:


    I gotta upload my video of 25 bomber squadrens….

  • james65508 says:

    im buying the game again cause i lost empire at war disc :( so yea this is one of the most epic big space battles ever!!! :D i spend 5 hours on skirmish space battles and its awesome :) “Blowing stuff up Never gets old”

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