Content Patch – October 30th, 2012 – Ep. 001

1. Hotline Miami developer offers aid to pirates: 00:26 ( ) 2. Introversion calls consoles “second class customers”: 02:57 ( ) 3. Steam’s All Hallow’s Eve sale: 06:27 ( ) 4. Dishonored to receive DLCs: 09:25 ( ) 5. Steam launches Beta for Linux: 11:44 ( ) 6. Activision creates own social gaming platform: 14:03 ( ) 7. Viewer Remarks: 15:43 ======================================================= TotalBiscuit brings you the first episode of Content Patch, the new show which will replace The Mailbox. This will be a daily gaming news show, which efficiently integrates opinionated commentary and also our viewers’ feedback in a short, concise and to-the-point manner. We appreciate your input towards improving the format.

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24 Responses to “Content Patch – October 30th, 2012 – Ep. 001”

  • robby tm says:

    reccetear? isnt that on steam?

  • HunterIng6 says:

    I have not played a large amount of mms, only about 25-50 hours over the years, but I have played a lot of fps, somewhere between 1-2k hours. Even with all of the things that i dislike about mms and that keep me away from it, I beleive that the format as a whole isn’t horrible, its just not for me. I don’t like the long wolf rageyness that seems to come with any decent mms player and find myself irritated by their attitude. I dont like the format but that doesn’t mean that it is a bad one.

  • BodeyTheV says:

    I fear that most people/devs tend to be afraid of more realistic mms (most notably the core game of arma 2 which many people have but have never touched it as they only bought it for dayz. I have found that Very realistic shooters add an aspect of tension to the gameplay especially in we’ll adapted maps created by the community.

  • Xeilith says:

    Besides I don’t have any urgent opinions about MMS’s that would warrant any semblance of a discussion.

  • drew pat says:

    Theres not enough variance in the most recent games and them trying to be ultra realistic is sort of getting in the way of fun

  • BFisichella says:

    I can already tell that I am going to love this series :D

  • Xeilith says:

    I really feel like making a comment about the many opinions I’ve got pertaining to modern military shooters, but it’s really quite daunting.

  • willccclarke says:

    Or you could just click on the timestamp in the description.

  • SuspectDK says:

    First episode on my birthday! Great new format. I really wish you would stop being a dick in the comments TB…

  • TheReconDog says:

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  • OmniChrome100 says:

    mms is close to fine if they cut out the bullshit e.g. getting shot for leaving battlefield i prefered it in star wars battlefront when your commander would just shout at you to come back it was realistic. but i am fine with its linear story and level design because that is how war is a lot of the time you have an objective go do it in the most efficient way possible. I would love to see a game that lets you do things differently and lets you affect the story by doing so.

  • SIC66SIC66 says:

    I like the new show.
    I suggest a timer per subject counting down, just a small one. So if people want they can easily skip a single subject.

  • drunktarutaru says:

    15 minutes in, UT music starts playing in the back ground :)

  • Ahmed Alnoor says:

    i love this show…keep it up TB

  • mots625 says:

    For MMS I find the problem is there is no reason to work together for most people. When two friends and I work together our team won domination by far with 17 point for the enemy and 200 for my team. I would have some more reasons to work together and communicated to other players.

  • NotTheInferno says:

    I use an RSS subscription to tell me when there’s new videos. Google reader is so much better than the youtube sub box.

  • tellytoy says:

    So, because MS and Sony are assholes, a console gamer is “Second Class”. Well, guess I won’t be buying Prison Architect.

  • VegiMazare says:

    Wow, you’re dumb. Like, REALLY dumb.

  • E762RoB12 says:


  • Waine999 says:

    More like 99% Marketing.

  • dunadan112 says:

    Dodger is doing this for years, TB just copied.

  • shadowcrazy says:

    I have to say I love this new format and how it’s going I am really looking forward to more of these episodes especially with this cool screen showing us different things according to the subject. really outdone yourself this time.

  • ZimzamsXD says:

    the real problem with MMS is the fact that people will buy the same thing over and over again. the problem is not the gendre itself as such, but rather the people will buy it

  • Meguas2 says:

    I think it’s pretty simple. MMS should heavily support mods. Remember how awesome desert combat was for BF1942? How many people purchased BF1942 just because of that mod? I don’t know why game companies are so terrified of allowing their game to be modded, it just makes people want to buy it.

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