Come play Eve Online with Eve and Ben!

DecemberCalling’s (Envoy of Eve (Andus Rowan Valcrest)) and TehFlamingHamster’s (BennySmithy (Johivan Clause)) Invitation to YOU to play with us. This method will help you get an extra free week of trial time, as well as a corporation to join and a helping hand through the trials of Eve’s learning curve. How to get a Buddy Invite: 1) Message either or requesting an invite 2) We will message you back and request your Email with which you will create your account with (preferably a new Email) 3) You will get an Email from CCP (or Eve Online, unsure of which) with a link. 4) Click the link to get sent to the create account page. How to create an account and join our corporation: 1) Fill out the page that the Email link sends you to, also download the Eve Online client 2) Log into the client and make a character (Preferably Caldari or Amarr) 3) Open the “People and Places” interface from the UI. Type into the box labeled “Search String” “Johivan Clause” or “Andus Rowan Valcrest”. Make sure the next box is set to “character”. 4) Either send a mail, or start a conversation with us and we will help you out. 5) If neither of us are online, show info on our characters and click on our corporation logo (located under our names). 6) Then click the Apply to join button. When we see the application we will accept you. 7) DO THE TUTORIAL PL0X. No really, it gives you free stuff and teaches you alot. Subscribe to us! –Dont

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4 Responses to “Come play Eve Online with Eve and Ben!”

  • decembercalling says:

    Sounds like fun =D After you’ve created your account, let us know your Character name (Not your login, just the character itself) and we’ll add you as a contact.

  • iceshadow01 says:

    I dont mind giving it a go, trying new games are always fun :) I’ll create another email now

  • TehFlamingHamster says:

    Well if you want to try this game, I can send you a buddy trial. Eve Online doesn’t require you to play at all much if you don’t want to, meaning you can still play RS ^^

  • iceshadow01 says:

    im still addicted to rs :L that game looks pretty sweet too though

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