Combat Probing – Part 1 of 2

Combat Probing in Eve Online. Sampanion demonstrates different ways to use combat probes. This video accompanies the Eve Tribune article Year 6 Number 11.

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I can’t find where I got this from, if you know, send me a message! This is a video showing what a wormhole would look like according to current theoretical models, created by some university. The large coloured bars are a display guide for orientation when within it. The destination is visible through the wormhole, it leaks the university that made the footage and a nearby beach. When within the wormholes event horizon, it is possible to move infinitely in any direction perpendicular to the destination (one side) and the previous location (the other). This is demonstrated on the return journey through the wormhole. This video was used as a reference for the wormholes in Eve Online.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

13 Responses to “Combat Probing – Part 1 of 2”

  • IdioZeRo says:

    That cleared up the red sphere and rings concept for me. Thanks alot for the explanations.

  • purogarza says:

    Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Sampanion says:

    @damnicantfindaname 1) nice name 2) thanks for the kind words, but note that this is out of date now. Like all the coolest Eve players I’m unsubed at the moment, so I can’t revise the technique. Eve is rare in for an MMO in that you can earn enough money by playing to pay for the subs, and even though I did do that for a few months, paying for two accounts with one, it wasn’t fun like it was when I could pay real money and spend the time asploding things. If anyone ever gives me a job, I’ll rtn.

  • damnicantfindaname says:

    God damnit ppl, give this guy a thumbs up, almost 3k hits and only 19 likes… this is a damn good tutorial, goes into a really good depth and explains alot !

    p.s. cheers for the vid mate !

  • Sampanion says:

    Probing controls and mechanics have now changed. I may make a new vid if I sober up long enough, but in the mean time here are the bullets: up to eight probes are now used in positional and strength calculations; more is better. Also ALT-dragging a probe expands or contracts whatever shape you have made from your multiple probes. This makes eight probes easily manageable, and proves CCP do know stuff about improving UIs. Now if only those arrows turned to face the user…

  • DarkShroom says:

    ok this tutorial is gold thanks mate

  • DarkShroom says:

    until the server gets reset! lol u opened my eyes thanks

  • justblaze904 says:


  • gredangeo says:

    What happens if you have a long rod and laid it over the top of the wormhole? Where does the middle go? Floating on the other side? or what?

    Second, the wormhole appears small. The size of a basketball perhaps.

  • Amaroqdricaldari says:

    Well, looks like they are going to have to completely redo the Stargate franchise.

  • kelisseou says:

    Open your eyes guys. The website and author are listed right at the bottom of the video frame. I visited it and it’s still up.

  • jpsousa4 says:

    Cite your damn sources, dude. Who made this, and what website did it come from?

  • fremandn says:

    Isn’t there a reference at the bottom of the video tell us where it came from?

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