Club Penguin Cheats – Puffle Party, New Furniture & Igloo Catalogs

Download here: -Disclaimer- I DO NOT own the music used in this video, nor did I create the music in this video. The song is: Akon – Beautiful This video relates to Club Penguin, Club Penguin cheats, gwa, clubpenguin, wwe adam, wweadam, supposed club penguin, club penguin cheats home, club penguin glitches, coin cheats on club penguin

My 2nd EVE video from 2005. Vicerory cheats someone out of a ship for a fake safespot busting program. I took a viceroy chat log and made my own voices and slide show. The transitions may look crappy because premiere was crappy back then.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

4 Responses to “Club Penguin Cheats – Puffle Party, New Furniture & Igloo Catalogs”

  • simonedday says:

    I hope he gave him his ship back D= he did sing for them after all.

  • Rizmordan says:

    At the time this was made there were no scan probes in EVE so “safespots” were quite hard to crack. Someone could simply go to a point in space between two objects and go afk for hours, people left whole collections of ships in safespots, etc. So the idea of a macro or program that could find safespots was something Viceroy figured he could play upon some unsuspecting and gullible victim in his never ending search for riches.

  • simonedday says:

    Is this real??

  • daubhill2 says:

    LMFAO good one guys

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