Classic Game Room HD – STREET FIGHTER 2 for Sega Genesis MD

Classic Game Room was the FIRST classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999. Returning in 2008 with new episodes, Classic Game Room breaks out a review of STREET FIGHTER 2 SPECIAL CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION for the Sega Genesis video game console system. Capcom’s immortal classic arrived on the Mega Drive shortly after becoming a monster smash hit int he arcades in the United States, Japan and Europe. The Megadrive / Genesis version looks and sounds great too! Full, saturated colors and catchy sounds and music from the arcade bring Street Fighter II alive for home gameplay! On the eve of Street Fighter IV we celebrate this Capcom classic by looking at this 16 bit version with favorites like Ken, Ryu, Zangief, Blanka, Chun Li, Sagat, Vega, M. Bison and Balrog! 2D fighting games are a favorite genre for many video game fans because of their simplicity, their quality hand drawn style animation and their rock solid fighter single and two player game play. Using the 6-button Sega Genesis controller CGRHD rocks this HYPER version of Street Fighter for hours on end and makes short work of punk suckers like Guile. If this game shows anything, it will show a preview trailer like gameplay footage of Street Fighter 4 before our very eyes, because Capcom can improve on this classic but in typical Capcom fashion they’ll improve on it without distorting the elements that made the original so good! Fight around the world in places like China, USA, Brazil, USSR and India. Beat bad

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