Classic Game Room HD – EVERQUEST 2: SENTINEL’S FATE for PC review

Classic Game Room HD reviews EVERQUEST 2 SENTINEL’S FATE Collector’s Edition for PC. This never ending quest takes you across a massive fantasy world where you embark on quests, missions and slaughter helpless lizards without mercy. Those who want to get their money’s worth out of a massive MMORPG should check out Ever Quest 2. This CGR review of Everquest II has gameplay from Everquest 2 showing Ever Quest II game play on a PC laptop. EQ2 has a gigantic following with thousands of players across the world. Team up with others and make new friends or just go it alone. Drink beer and hack bird-people things (that what CGR does). The Sentine’s Fate Collector’s Edition comes with a figuring and in-game mount. The gigantic EQ2 box also contains EverCracked, a DVD about the Everquest phenomenon. 30 day subscription to the Everquest 2 servers as well. This massive game has something like 8000 quests and 300 zones to explore… seriously, that’s a lot of video game. From Sony Online Entertainment. Rated T for Tuff.

Official trailer for the MMO from Splitscreen Studios. Free to play on

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