Caution Needed: Possible Ethics Issues With Free To Play Games

When does effective free-to-play design become an ethical matter? This site pays for these videos. Supporting EVE Online ETC, Linkrealms and World of Tanks! Like on FaceBook Find me on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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You know you’ve run into idiots on your team and you just want to smoke them! Dust 514 beta codes This site pays for these videos. Supporting EVE Online ETC, Linkrealms and World of Tanks! Like on FaceBook Find me on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 Responses to “Caution Needed: Possible Ethics Issues With Free To Play Games”

  • AM HAPPY says:

    Is that a touch screen, all-in-one behind you?

  • Tim Nash says:

    i was tricked into time line

  • thisisnotanick says:

    A really good book that explains most of the tricks used by everyone from door salesmen and car dealers to online businesses and games, is “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert B. Cialdini.

    Its easy to read, and has practical examples on everything it discusses.

  • thisisnotanick says:

    Oh yeah, socialism is really, REALLY bad!

    Greetings from Norway :)

  • Sevorast says:

    I play 2 free to play games, I have tried others, and I always leave feeling like they were just trying to rape my wallet all along. The 2 i play are STO and LoTRO, and the only reason I play them is I have lifetime subs to both of them since beta :P I was enjoying WoT but pay2win became a real thing there so I bolted. Been doing the MWO beta a lot lately, and hoping they stay away from the p2w stuff after launching.

  • sspope says:

    Why do you play World of Tanks? It’s such an unfair experience. Forgotten Hope 2 is has even better tank combat but also infantry combat and it’s a mod to Battlefield 2 and therefore completely free.

  • Andy Zhong says:

    Did you watch the league of legends season 2 finals?

  • skylerruin says:

    I dont agree with the wording and attitude of the person that asked the original question. its convenient and seemingly clever, i bet they felt clever, to word as they had. i believe that the game would not exist if the 99%ers did not play. meaning 99%ers pay with their time. especially in social games the 99%ers make up most of the content that they 1%ers get to experience and otherwise wouldnt be able to without us. we cant all be 1%ers. Also some prefer to play for fun rather than pay for fun

  • skylerruin says:

    its his signature. he does it the perfect number of times.

  • Bananasword2010 says:

    Work on umming and ahhhing less.

  • TheBitcoinHacker says:

    Markee have you played TERA Online? What did you think about it? I’m asking because apart from WoW i was really looking for an alternate monthly subscription based MMO and tbh, i felt it just wasn’t worth it imo.

  • mywotzone says:

    Theres a easy solution let the game be free to play but you must buy premium see how well that works out for ya… I’d bet you’d go belly up quickly…. If people aren’t paying or are being freeloaders then how come there using this F2P model its because they make more money… Most of these games are crap and wouldn’t survive the monthly subscription model…

  • AusBudSmoker says:

    Have you seen an alligator yet Markee? Or is it wrong time of year?

  • Caldwerld says:

    I agree that if a developer chooses the honest path then they’re going to win out over the other people. Because even if there are richer players and/or mentally problematic players, in my opinion, they don’t make up a majority of player-bases. And the majority players will definitely notice when a developer isn’t the honest type.

    Thanks for the video, keep em up!

  • AceSimGaming says:


  • owken says:

    Is ethic really a matter here? Obvious money grabbing is nothing new neither is the use of psychology. There’s plenty of MMOs with a Pay 2 Win tag out there. A lot of them descended from being a game as in an art form to a simple slot machine. Not saying that this kind of trickery is a good thing, but it is natural. The only way to fight it is to inform people. But games in the west are comparable harmless, for the true nightmare watch the 100000$ Whales presentation on GDC.

  • bigtfishbone says:

    I will be looking forward to your War z vid :)

  • markeedragon says:

    I am trying it with YT and if it does not meet our needs then I’ll reevaluate.


    What you’re saying about ‘dangling’ things and tricks were implemented in the last update to world of tanks. After every battle, it gives a side by side comparison to what you’d get between a free and a premium account. Not cool at all that they shove it in your face like that, in comparison to the buttons out of the way on the top right. If anything it’s convinced me to NOT spend any money.

  • jimbo42047 says:

    Can u make a review of”the world of magic”

  • RobertMohler says:

    why would he?

  • rundatable says:

    Hey Marcus do you even lift bro?

  • ArcheysGames says:

    Markee, youtube’s stream chat really really sucks, it takes for ever to update and is really buggy, im sure your audience would really appreciate it if you stuck with Twitch tv

  • AlbinoBarnOwl says:

    That guy who sent that question is an idiot.

  • WorldofTanksAddicted says:

    What is the name of your world of tank account Markee dragon? My name is Matt14520

  • WorldofTanksAddicted says:

    I am sorry to say but I am a accidental team killer. I was in my T34 and this BatChat 25T came past me on my team while I tried to shoot a KV-4 and I killed him. I don’t mean it but I am sorry for him.

  • RayathF says:

    I recently had an IS trying to push my T95 off a cliff. Needless to say I did not enjoy this and after asking the guy to stop pushing me twice I ordered my squad mates to blow his sorry ass to kingdom come.

    Also, we still won the match. Totally worth it.

  • CorvetteBG says:

    People only play LoL because it’s free…

  • ThisNameIsBanned says:

    Well not allways, but thats the thing for pretty much any Dota like game, as the game “especially in random groups” pretty much attracts idiots like a nacked girl in your bed.

    That means, at some point its your own fault, simply do not play with a random group, you “know” they are idiots, play vs bots or something, the community is full of kids, and kids are idiots nearly allways.

  • Tommi Kipinoinen says:

    League of Legends has the worst community ever… if you suck in a game people call you names, report you etc. and after the game they start to send messages to you and shiet.. :( sucks

  • Quik25c2 says:

    Westerday in w.o.t a guy ram me at the start then ram 2 other guy and when we get in our camping position he start shooting another team mate,i didn’t hesitate 1 sec and kill him hahaha,good for him!

  • drmurda says:

    @ 1:35 Dammit markee, how long will it take for you to become not a noob at WoT… You have to kill TWO tanks, or shoot and damage once on cap to become blue.
    You need to start platooning with Real tankers, and not those wankers from UK.

  • dudalala1298 says:

    planetside 2 beta is full of team killers they keep ruuning over me in that damn tank

  • WardogCinema says:

    And fun fact: I kept telling said veteran that if he doesn’t like my orders to stay put, he can go ahead and charge into them. He never did. He was just yelling at me because… he wanted to, I guess. He told me that if the game is a draw, we still lose. I told him, “So you would rather we charge out and let them win and we lose? Either way we’ll still lose.” – I knew the opposing team would win because they had players I was with in the previous game and they were damn good.

  • WardogCinema says:

    During a WoT battle, I encountered someone who got pissed off that I put myself in charge of a match. Maybe I am still fairly new to WoT, but tactics isn’t something that requires you to play WoT to understand. Each team had the same remaining number of tanks and each team had the same score, so I told people to stay put and wait for them to come to us – they never did. The other guy on my team got REALLY pissed off with me and insulted me for nearly 10 minutes. He was a WoT veteran.

  • WardogCinema says:

    It’s totally your lake. You just need to make sure your neighbors acknowledge your dominance over Lake Markee.

  • anuthutantrum says:

    Team killing is ok all the time

  • devous987 says:


  • SuulMorda says:

    Turning “blue” requires a lot more than one or two shots, nudges or outright rams.

    In answer to the titled question: The moment I decide to take the war against douchebaggery into my own hands.

    Accumulating buildup to “blue” status is just a consequence, one that fades rather quickly if you’re not building it up constantly.

  • LeopoldGames says:

    Ok I can answear this: If Romney gets elected.

  • Jan Šinkovec says:

    Is there a way for me to play WoT with you even though im from Europe?

  • Anders Jensen says:

    This ^^

  • Anders Jensen says:

    Love your laugh Markee :)

  • Kenny Yannikos says:

    NEVER. Unless your name is “Noob” then it’s okay. Join the other team to kill the team-mates that you don’t like Duh.

  • eveDjakku says:

    It’s ok to teamkill when you see “Markee Dragon” on your team ^^

  • thc024 says:

    yeah they dont understand this is the consequence the trolls want….is it that hard to understand the harvesting of tears?

  • D Ruiz says:

    Going through life is like boating in a marina, no matter how you move through life you leave a wake behind you, what kind of wake do YOU leave, that others have to deal with..?

  • D Ruiz says:

    I call this “spacial awareness” to my kids… it’s the parents fault if a kid doesn’t learn this.

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