Caracal vs hac and recon (EVE)

Made a while ago, now i fly Broadsword :P In steps it was Harpy / Hawk, Caracal, Flycatcher, Sabre, Broadsword.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • DEADmetal3 says:

    Kittie – Safe KMFDM remix

  • MannyKunV says:


  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    about as fail as you posting a vid with audio from another youtube vid, at least DEAD posted a vid that was actually his.

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    well done great use of the caracal, best part was reading the comments from these people intent on proving they’re so good at pvp but most of them post no vids, classic o//

  • XuBlax says:

    0:36 to skip yawn RP intro

  • DEADmetal3 says:


  • devilmonkey504 says:

    Stop hatting noob. nice vid and music. Dead

  • kazalack says:

    God I hate faggy intros get the pvp no one cares.

  • OutOFSpiN1 says:

    notice the whole cruiser and down thing i said. in addition with good drone skills you can take down a brutix FOR SURE (done it before) and maybe something else too. prolly not a cane or a harbi tho…just cuz of the amount of DPS poping out

  • elmoblue1 says:

    Recon ships suck in direct combat, they specialise in disabling the enemy and then moving in, which is why the curse is so frightening. with nos/neut bonuses it is able to take ships out of the battle and finish them off with its drones.

    however what the recon ship in there was actually doing i dont know, piloted by a decent person it would probably have beaten the caracal hands down…

  • cfFirefly says:

    I bet they were pissed, losing ships like those to a t1 cruiser.
    Not much either of them coulda done tho.

  • OutOFSpiN1 says:

    my curse can rape any cruiser and down without a problem so dont say recon are useless, just because you dont know how to fly them doesnt mean they are useless

  • Dextomus says:

    Nice soundtrack… where is it from?

  • idk70six says:

    I have no idea how you were able to pull this off, at all. Caracal is just a Horrible, if not the worst pvp cruiser ever.
    And Heavy interdictor should have a fucking rape tank and great dps to kill any t1 ship ranging from frigates to bc’s.

  • DEADmetal3 says:

    ok but t2 ships itselves are more powerful than t1

  • Pallepop909 says:

    lol fail video . eny ship with more than 100 dps could have killed eny of your targets . recon is useless dps wise and tank wise .. its not what it does . and the minnie i pretty thin as well and a noob .

  • killyouno5 says:

    2 things. I was being sarcastic and why would anyone fly a gallente recon?

  • 99legion says:

    2 things first off, Sniper fit HAC = fail in
    1v1 PvP :P . 2nd Never fly a gallente recon.

  • DEADmetal3 says:


  • poki says:

    nice +5 and nice music

  • lulxors1235 says:

    caracal vs arazu and huginn?

  • killyouno5 says:

    congratz you killed a recon who has terrible dps and a sniper fit HAC you really must be great….

  • LSVVTS says:

    im very curious on the hac fitt.. i would call this a very uneven match if i havent saw this video.. and T2 lights instead of heavys ? i wasnt expecting them to pack such a punch

  • imherebecauseiwant2 says:

    if u want to be a jackass, go right a head, because i didn’t know u anchored the bubble, due to my experience of having to run from several bubble in a blockade runner and having popped several in EVE. so if you wish to be an asshole go right a head

  • DEADmetal3 says:

    if you phail in eve be so kind not to bring your phail here. Its a mobile warp disruptor bubble anchored by me, that is caracal pilot.

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