Can You Trust Games You Support on Kickstarter?

I often get asked if we can actually trust Kickstarter campaigns This site pays for these videos. Supporting EVE Online ETC, Linkrealms and World of Tanks! Like on FaceBook Find me on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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42 Responses to “Can You Trust Games You Support on Kickstarter?”

  • CarlosAvilla says:

    you talk like Day[9]

  • RagabashMoon says:

    I Can’t wait for Wasteland 2 :) Course, I’ve been waiting 28 years already (and yeah, I played the original Wasteland that long ago. Had it on my Commodore 128)

  • Doc Blazblue says:

    These scenic background shots are too good.

  • CommanderSix says:

    You need to give a shootout to the sequel to Nexus: The Jupiter Incident! It’s now on Kickstarter…

  • ropname says:

    can you film a vid on a boat? :)

  • Badmash j says:

    holy shit been subbed for years and the swords are still there lol

  • sspope says:

    Please don’t forget to mention some space sims. They’re great games that publishers (wrongly) choose not to support.

  • 4Phonez says:

    if that was sex, god rest her soul

  • sam hollick says:

    The lighting in this vid is awesome :) great vid markee.

  • Eliot Johnson says:

    Some good advice.

  • markeedragon says:

    Yes I have and more will be coming. :)

  • morganlean says:

    I think that if the product failed it would fail, but as a game developer, I would have already sunk more time and money into my games than the kickstarter campaign. So it would be sad all round if a game fails to ship but it happens. One concern I have about people who haven’t done games and shipped them before would mean that they may not be able to judge how much time and money you need. So I would support people I knew, and had played their games before.

  • GY RE says:

    are you on diablo?

  • Bradley Dalton says:

    Hey Markee, just wondering, are you allowed to fish on that lake behind you?

  • OxbowisaMstie says:

    I think it is safe to say, Markee Dragon is unique to the internet, but in a good way. Keep ‘em coming.

  • TheBienator says:

    why don’t you cover a few promising games on kickstarter? clang for example

  • toonami54 says:

    I disagree, money, while a factor, is not an indicator of a game’s quality.

    And the problem with a loan is that no bank would approve such a high risk loan and that a loan needs to be paid back with interest.

  • DieinPee says:

    Lets say they only need 500k to make the game. They were given 4m. If the development only costs they get 3.5m to keep and or spend to make the game even better.

  • mywotzone says:

    Huh… Kickstarter takes a small percentage…. A loan would be much more… And nearly impossible for a startup to get without large money , in case you wouldn’t need to get a loan or raise funds…

  • olfan92 says:

    Yeah and that’s not alot.

  • DieinPee says:

    Everything you don’t spend, you get to keep.

  • olfan92 says:

    You wont be making much money off a kickstarter.

  • mywotzone says:

    A loan you pay interest , and have no guarntee of future sales… Kickstarter you pay no interest , guarantee your sales & demand… and pay nothing back…

  • olfan92 says:

    Not really…you need a shitload of money to start off a good game.
    you cant start from zero if you want a good game,dont do kickstarters just get a loan…if the game becomes a success it will generate tons of money and you’ll have money to pay of the loan, making a living and even have fun with the money.

  • meatwad341 says:

    love it!

  • DrCokePepsiPwnage says:

    thse fucking ads

  • Faustt Dagon says:

    as a video game dev, I think the best thing to do is something large companies don’t do. Those are the ones that standout.. I would like to make an indie game someday, 

  • Ziock4 says:

    I’m watching walking dead right now and some reason I keep thinking that you look like the elder est guy in it. Or similar

  • XVIChristopher says:

    You should get into DotA 2, Markee.
    It’s going to be huge.

  • 777crig says:

    such a nice clean area ur living in. how is florida treating you , so much defferent than mississipppi lol. was a big change for me too awhile back

  • GY RE says:


  • markeedragon says:

    Good reply. I added this info to my list for a future video. I think it makes excellent talking points.

  • VKGchaos says:

    By making a good game..

  • BossInvader says:

    I would have never played WoT if it wasn’t for you giving away Beta keys July 2010. I probably would have never heard of it, I never met anyone who even knows what it is.

  • Contergen says:

    7. Thou shall not make check point saves the only option for PC games.
    8. The reward shall reflect the effort.
    9. If the mobs respawn, the loot respawns. Period.
    10. If healing works over time, it shall be enough to heal completely.
    11. Build for PC first, then lobotomize for consoles.
    Hmm… looks like there are 11 now lol.

  • Contergen says:

    1. Cheat to win programming shall not be used to compensate for poor AI.
    2. Gaming is not about what the developers want, but what the players want.
    3. Thou shall not spawn unique, champion clusters.
    4. NPCs shall not spam special attacks when the player cannot.
    5. NPCs shall not use killzones to avoid players.
    6. When the caster dies, the enchantment ends. Period.

  • Contergen says:

    1. Get your devs on the social networking sites to communicate with other devs and potential fans.
    2. Give feedback to other devs on their progress.
    3. Take player feedback to heart. After all, it is they who are going to buy your product.
    4. If you get a majority of players saying ‘change something in the game’, then change it. Otherwise, they may ignore your future releases.
    5. Follow Mr. Dave’s ’10 Commandments of Game Design’.
    I’ll post them in a reply to this…

  • CelestialBrony says:

    Nicky Rafacz is the best. Anyone who disgarees has ballsacks. Fuck off. unicorns

  • Zito773 says:

    Marcus, if you get hit by lightning somebody better upload that. 

  • lollypop00p says:

    To be attacked by other people for saying first!

  • therealrondo says:


  • Nicky Rafacz says:


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