Call of Duty 4: Cage Match Headshots Anyone?

Please Rate, Comment and Subscribe! Thank You. This video is for all the players that hate hearing “headshots?” when trying to do a cage match. Most of these people wanted to do headshots. However, the ones that didn’t were just too funny to not include. The list of players seen from first to last is as follows: WhipPeD_nEsS Lilgeneral (very funny) xmass (the British racist who sent me nasty messages) anaphase1979 SpeedFace18881 Kylersdaman DyaBolikk NACHO_LIBRE123 (the gansta) TLLROCKS airhawk77 BENROSS slaps_mp_hco (Had the same idea as me!) The intro song is by Warren G: Regulators (Regulate them headshot cheaters)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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