Blush Trio & Salmon Concealer – Eve Pearl Makeup Tutorial 101-3 Tutorial for Blush Application with Eve Pearl and a brief refresher in Salmon Concealer PRODUCTS USED: HD Dual Foundation-Light (with Foundation Brush and Sponge) Salmon Concealer & Treatment-Medium (with Concealer Brush) Photo Finish Pressed Powder (with Prof. Powder Puff) Blush Trio-Light/Sassy (with Fan Brush)

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23 Responses to “Blush Trio & Salmon Concealer – Eve Pearl Makeup Tutorial 101-3”

  • 9farlap says:

    Schmeggyroo…i had the same thoughts when i heard Eve say “no worries” :)

    Eve…do you have Stockists in Australia? I’m interested in trying out your products, but unsure of where to purchase them from.

  • carlitagrimaldi615 says:

    can you use concealer without foundation? or would that just look weird because i just want to hide my circles but i dont want to wear foundation all over my face. any help?

  • fatlawsuit2 says:

    You actually happen to be extremely cute, thanks a ton for your video clip. it can be unfortunate i live within Bokchito because i aren’t able to find good cosmetics, however, i receive freely available samples from “GratismakeupSamples”. i adore Estee Lauder cosmetics!

  • PandaBaby51 says:

    this sounds funny but cant you keep the rosacea on your cheeks? It just looks like blush haha

  • evepearl says:

    yes, we have Salmon concealer shades for dark and deep skintones too.
    we’ve done makeovers on women of color in IMAT and IBS videos, check it out!

  • lisamegachewy says:

    I love your fan brush with the blush and powder, gives a nice, multi-dimensional appearance to your face. I struggle with very red cheeks (since childhood) and I think your technique will really help. I’m dying to try your base and salmon concealer to see if that takes me to the “diva” level. Thanks again for showing a different approach to makeup. I would love to see a video for a more natural look and a natural eye with strong lip. Thank you.

  • Micahpallesen says:

    i looove makeup! This videos great, i mostly use Olay makeup i get for free from ‘gratis makeup samples’ they’re perfect

  • saharamakeup says:

    haha – attacked by the sun look :) )

  • tamingjaya128 says:

    really useful and good information : )

  • BathtubPorsche says:

    Your information is wonderfully presented.  Thank you so very much.

  • faithtoh says:

    Hi Eve, is there different areas and shapes for the blush to be applied depending on the face shape? For instance, I’ve some people say that the blush should never go below the nose. And if our face is long, the blush should be applied horizontally across the face, instead of at an angle?

  • FloridaSweety says:

    WOW, your good, I enjoyed that!  Wish I had you here in Miami to do my makeup!

  • Schmeggyroo says:

    Eve! You said ‘no worries’! I live in Brisbane, Australia – that’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone from the US say it. Very weird to hear it! Weird but cool…..good on ya! =)


  • adalu17 says:

    Thank you!!! : )
    How can we know what color of foundation we are?

  • pasiphae05 says:

    Thanks Eve! I have the HD Dual Founation in Light as well as the salmon concealer and I cannot say how much I love these products. The powder is so light and the blush trio in light gives me such a nice colour on my cheeks. I love everything!!! :o )

  • evepearl says:

    Yes…just position the blush for a thin application. The Fan Brush helps with minimal application and control. I’m a girl that needs control :-)

  • de1dezire says:

    beautiful. if i have a fuller face should i still put blush on my cheeks

  • lilt2487 says:

    “It looks like you’ve been attacked by the sun look”

    Ha! i loved that line!

  • AngeVinther says:


    You are beautiful!

  • PipsyPops says:

    I’m a MAC C30, which shade in Eve Pearl would I be?

  • AshNight1214 says:

    Is there a store or website where I can buy the salmon concealer?

  • KatrianaB says:

    Loving the tutorials Eve! Keep them coming!

  • zwtwilight says:

    great tutorial!

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