Blood Stained Stars 06

Covered in this episode: 00:27 – Mission: “A Matter of Decorum” 04:35 – Mission: “New Friends” 05:24 – Mission: “Recovery” 13:29 – Mission: “Of Quiet Nights Long Past” 20:37 – Mission: “Revelations” 21:36 – Mission: “A Call to Trial” 24:09 – Mission: “Brothers and Sisters”, end of episode

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Sorry for the low quality but Sony Vegas studio 9.0 trial ran out, and i couldn’t find a serial key so yeah… This was made in Windows Movie maker, as the clips and music is owned by CCP. Enjoy… :)

Video Rating: 2 / 5

6 Responses to “Blood Stained Stars 06”

  • MrAlexs888 says:

    Can someone tell me what mission it is where you have to save an amarian slave? It’s quite hard.

  • SR H says:

    Thanks Seamus.

  • SeamusDonohueEVE says:

    125mm Railgun Is, 8 of them. An afterburner, Cap Recharger, Small Armor Repairer, Power Diagnostic System, and Magnetic Field Stabilizer, all Tech 1 Meta Zero. I carry Antimatter, Lead, and Iron Charge S.

  • SR H says:

    Thanks Seamus, what’s your fit here?

  • umd223 says:

    If i did that, it wouldn’t be an AMV, it would be just someone else s vid… (amv’s are made by braking parts of a clip(s) and re-arranging them, which is exactly wat i did… >.>

    oh yes, and i don’t OWN EVE online so therefore, even if i recorded my own actions in it, it would Still be owned by CCP

    btw, i was bored…

  • kellerr13 says:

    Is that all people know how to do? record somebody elses video then upload it again under your own name? Lame.

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