Blob Early Warning System – Learn PVP Lesson

Get more PVP and ISK Guides at: PVPing solo in EVE Online means getting blobbed…. ALOT By using the trick in this video you will be able to get 10-20 seconds advanced notice BEFORE the blob lands on top of you. Allowing you to prepare or disengage. Make a habit of doing this and you will die less and have less fear of engaging when you know a blob will come. http

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  • Abbadon2110 says:

    In this case, I messed up and got tackled by the Drake.But then I used my ECM drones and Neuts to remove tackle. Also I aligned to another belt as soon as I saw things going bad so all I had to do was wait for all the points to drop (watch overview) and click warp. (no shortcut, just align first)

  • Videotest81 says:

    Your vids are Outstanding!!!
    May I ask , how did you escape the area so fast when they all appeared? Is there a shortcut to warp out fast?

  • Shaloth says:

    2 people lost a low structure point on a hurricane.

  • UnkSol says:

    killfeed.eveuniversity. org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=38209

    You died a few minutes later when you warped to the sun.

  • GROGOLOG says:

    ahahha fuckin with e-uni noobs, i love it :D all they do is blob the shit out of anything

  • Paul Saunders says:

    you got out barely and i see what you mean my 14 au to 1.4 au i will use that if and when needed i do know friends that will love that thanks m8 o/

  • MrSuckmyballs32 says:

    yep 10 seconds could be the difference between aligning out and burning away from a target or getting podded.

  • MrSuckmyballs32 says:

    that is a really good tip specially for lowsec and so forth, but the impressive thing is, you survived eventhou they had point on you and at some point the drake even had you webbed.
    those guys served up some mean dps when they all got on top of you, for your cane to have survived that.
    well played sir, well played.

  • Abbadon2110 says:

    I didn’t die, I escaped.

    This wasn’t the ideal video for this, but I don’t have perfect footage of everything and this shows it in action so people can learn, which is the purpose.

    20 seconds can completely change the outcome of a fight. Hell 2 seconds can mean life or death.

  • fall0rn says:

    umm, you still died? and what does that trick even help you when you get webbed… its not like u can just insta warp off.. and 20 seconds dont help u at all

  • Abbadon2110 says:

    I was trying to get blobbed so I could kill the frigs but the Drake getting a web on me messed up my plan so I had to adapt.

  • vilesyn says:

    Great tactic. I will definitely use this one a lot.

  • zibafu says:

    he got out didnt he, by knowing that 10 seconds in advance whats coming you can mentally prepare yourself for what you need to do instead of the “oh shit, oh shit” moment, this has more applications than just him attacking, say you’re ratting in a belt, you can do this and just keep an eye out for people appearing and then gtfo before they get there, rather than just panicking as soon as someones in local, or, if you’re gate camping, etc etc.

  • supabunny says:

    so why didn’t you follow your own advice? :I

  • 1RTVc says:

    The man.!

  • IamSamuelK says:

    I like how he got away in the nick of time.

  • Ivzbel says:

    LOL that was a typical E-uni blob, Im glad I left that corp to learn real pvp

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