Battleground Europe World war II online Trailer

Trailer for World war II online Video Contest Donwload the complete video here Music made by WINGMANN (free from any copyright) Software used : Adobe Photoshop Adobe after effect Fraps Sony Vegas Virtualdub Special thanks to : – Sunz for the organized flight of 109 – Legio78 & Arland for the Artillery scene Français et envie d’essayer le jeu ? Visitez Download the music here

On Christmas Eve 1946, George Bailey (James Stewart) is deeply depressed, even suicidal. Prayers for George are heard by the angels. Clarence Odbody (Henry Travers), an Angel Second Class, is sent to Earth to save him—and thereby earn his wings. Joseph, the head angel, reviews George’s life with Clarence. As a 12-year-old boy in 1919, George (Bobby Anderson) saved the life of his younger brother Harry (Todd Karns) after he fell through the ice on a pond, though George got an ear infection that impaired his hearing in one ear. Later, as an errand boy in a pharmacy, George stopped his boss, local druggist Mr. Gower (HB Warner), from mistakenly filling a child’s prescription with poison while grief-stricken over the death of his son from influenza. From childhood, George’s greatest ambition has been to see the world and design bridges and skyscrapers. However, he repeatedly has to sacrifice his dreams for the well-being of others. He puts off going to college to help in the family business until Harry graduates from high school and can replace him at the Bailey Building and Loan Association, vital to many of the disadvantaged in town. On Harry’s graduation night in 1928, George discusses his future with Mary Hatch (Donna Reed), who has had a crush on him since she was a little girl. Uncle Billy (Thomas Mitchell) and Harry then break the news to George that his father has had a stroke. Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore), a heartless slumlord, seizes the opportunity to try to

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  • Kenshiroit says:

    this is not a game, this is a war sim. And its crazy, in many years I have yet to find anything that can even come close to this. Screw the graphics. Graphics are eye candy, and thats for sissies. The gameplay is superb. Few bugs, but otherwise its super.

  • kellenredx says:

    needs a graphics update then i would play

  • jack ralph says:

    only project reality has ever achieved that 

  • jack ralph says:

    bf2 no tactics, no realism

  • spermwaste says:

    No thanks, I’d rather stick to ‘forgotten hope 2′.

  • jack ralph says:

    yeah but the size of cod maps are tiny compared to this and this has 1000′s of players at any time as well as 1000′s of ai stop making stupid comparisons and get a better computer

  • aCrucifiedCrusader says:

    Dont worry Axis is about to win.

  • Carnosaurus1337 says:

    I’ve been wanting to play this game forever, however everytime I try to launch it my computer crashes. :/

  • ErmintrudeTheCow66 says:

    The stuff advertised in June is in. Rockets are in Tier 2 and Americans turn up for special events. Not regular campaigns yet, but it’s getting there. Damage models are always “screwed up” when someone doesn’t get a kill on something.

  • J4ke483 says:

    They need to make a new one of these :(

  • TheDeltaXQ says:

    Thats because the playing field is like 30,000 square miles.

  • Der Pel says:

    Nothing this company advertised in June went into the game. Its laggy, damage models are screwed up and they do not seem to have a clue what they’re doing.

  • urmymom145 says:

    If i am going to pay 14 dollars to play, then at least improve the graphic

  • spermwaste says:

    I can’t run this either… epic lag all the time even with everything on lowest… I can run call of duty 1 without a problem and I think the graphics are similar, no?

  • sadam23 says:

    LOL even my old pc with 8 years can run this XD

  • Zoran54321 says:

    You seriously can’t run this? Get a better toaster

  • wargames1983 says:

    I wish my computer was better and my internet wasnt Satilite

  • Blake198 says:

    The thing about it is, its they would not be able to exist without the monthly payments. THeir staff would not be able to make a living whatsoever as an MMO based game and continue to improve it and keep the server running.

  • Carnosaurus1337 says:

    Great game it’s just not marketed well.

  • rapperjoecool says:

    Amazing vid dude, you seriously captured tank battle. Everytime I go into a tank battle its just, boom- hahaha hit you! Boom- Argh dahm im dead

  • TheSargan22 says:

    Графа настоящий УГ

  • v8dude23 says:

    do you have to download it?

  • mouzurX says:

    There is a 14 day trial with full access. Then you can have an unlimited free play with restrictions.

  • TheDeltaXQ says:


  • fkwk2y says:

    masterpiece , thank you dude

  • thedudeman111 says:

    My Fav. Movie of all time….. THX!

  • wolski888 says:

    I have seen a documentary about it and if I remember they don’t REcolour. They actually colour it in using computers. That is why it doesn’t always look realistic.

  • Darrell Stevens says:

    the only thing with colorization is that all seem to have blue eyes. but yes this is a classic for sure.

  • ddkat12 says:

    Love this movie watch it every Christmas!!!!! 

  • westernfan2 says:

    pelicula increiblemente adorable!!!!!

  • pvtspartan says:

    I like the color :P

  • Christopher Were says:

    Does anyone know how they manage to re-colour these films. I find it absolutely remarkable, especially considering how well it’s been done.

  • Radioman91764 says:

    Boy George is a REAL SLOW learner isn’t he.

  • emsguybob says:

    Brother Harry is adorable

  • herbal1971 says:

    They should have left the colour out. It was perfect as it was.

    Thanks for the upload, though.

  • janielaurel says:

    Yep – a really classy lady. Funny – but I have this memory in my mind of Donna (er, Mrs. Owen) looking just like a mom should look, in her drippy wet raincoat and a scarf wrapped around her head….. I do NOT remember her “made up” and ready for acting. I doubt I ever saw her that way.

  • luvrof70s says:

    Settling back to watch my favorite movie of all time. Popcorn, candy bowl, soft drink, pillows. I’m ready!

  • luvrof70s says:

    How interesting that you got to meet Donna Reed! I’ve been a fan for many years.

  • janielaurel says:

    what a treat. Donna Reed was a charming, warm woman who had a huge heart (or at least that’s the way I remember her). I spent a year and a half in London when I was 10…. her daughter Penny was in my class at school. Mrs. Owen (as she was known to me) opened some wonderful doors for us and allowed us to see the less glamorous side of showbiz. I remember that time fondly. This movie brings back a flood of memories for me.

  • MrGman2804 says:

    Same reason you put icing on a cake!

  • Skepsis93 says:

    COLOUR?! WHY?!

  • danielsilvanormal30 says:

    se eu assistir a este filme mil vezes, chorarei as mil vezes.

  • policekaka says:

    thx 4 the share.. love this flick

  • samuel63867 says:

    É o famoso “A felicidade não se compra”, estreado nos EUA em 20 de dezembro de 1946. Curioso é que na época foi um fracasso de bilheteria (a Liberty Pictures, que tinha Frank Capra como sócio, só fez este filme e faliu), mas depois que passou a ser exibido todo santo Natal na TV americana, tornou-se cult. Esta versão colorizada chegou a ser lançada em VHS no Brasil pela extinta Century Vídeo, e é um exemplo de como certos filmes só ganham com esse processo.

  • wachingdocs says:

    Fractional Reserve Banking.

  • Leafincubator says:

    this is wonderful thank you so much for posting this!!!!

  • utubeDaveutube says:

    Nope. :)
    From 1943 to 1945, Reed was married to make up artist William Tuttle. In 1945, she married producer Tony Owen (1907–1984) with whom she raised four children: Penny Jane, Anthony, Timothy, and Mary Anne (the two older children were adopted). Reed and Owen divorced in 1971, and three years later, she married retired U. S. Army Colonel Grover W. Asmus (1926–2003).
    During the Vietnam War, Reed was a peace activist, co-chairing a group opposed to the war called Another Mother for Peace.

  • EdwinsPicks4u says:

    whether Christmas time or just feeling blue. If you have been feeling down and out and like the world is against you this movie sends a very special message in many ways. A family type flick that will leave you with a good taste just where you need the lift ‘in your spirit’. Well worth the watch either with friends, family or some one special. Enjoy it and let me know what you thought.

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