Battlefield 3: New Years Eve Live Commentary, MMO’s And Stuff Part One

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

My thought’s and opinion’s on the rock’s new 3 disc set is it worth it and more hope you guy’s enjoy feel free to leave a like and keep the discussion going in the comment’s Follow me on twitter during raw smack down impact wrestling and more: Live this wed for in the hot seat fan interaction episode number 3 at 6pm Join the raw post show tonight at 11:05 or whenever raw goes off the air

10 Responses to “Battlefield 3: New Years Eve Live Commentary, MMO’s And Stuff Part One”

  • OMFScience says:

    lmao nice ending

  • egge142 says:

    I <3 U

  • connorutube44 says:

    rofl “dude its your job to repair my tank” tank is at full health

  • supersaiyan576 says:

    skyrim lets play? nice vid

  • EnglishDrums1 says:

    Nice video, man. You deserve more views

  • foodmonster653 says:

    Yo I just started fallout 3 I need help the quest called galaxy radio station

  • fortminorproject says:

    it’s cool you still have time to get it so it’s not sold out or anything but rock and cena will be really good

  • fortminorproject says:

    lol yeah but they did a great job is the austin dvd like the rock dvd set up wise anyway i still want to get his dvd to as well but i’am happy it changed you’re mind and you enjoyed it thanks for commenting you should get it some time

  • rko2582 says:

    So jealous you have the NEW The Rock DVD and can’t wait for the epic encounter between Rock & Cena less than a month til Wrestlemania 28

  • SimonNicolHD says:

    So funny to see the shirt and the dvd next to each other looks like your wearing the dvd lol great review bro i saw it and in my opinion it’s definitely better than the last one the documentary is awesome give me back my respect for The Rock both has a wrestler and a entertainer i understand why he left and all that bullshit again great video bro

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